How to Be a Happy and Healthy Teenager

If you are feeling down, depressed, ugly or like your life is boring and meaningless, read this article for some help.


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    Love yourself. You can't do anything, or enjoy anything - or anyone else, if you don't love yourself first. Gain confidence within yourself. Learn to like your flaws and imperfections - they are part of what makes you who you are. Pick out your favourite things about yourself, both physical and emotional. Try to use yoga as a way to harness your happiness.
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    Decide what your goals are. What are you unhappy about in life? How are you going to change that? Do you want to be slimmer? Do you want to be a more sociable person? Do you want to broaden your knowledge? You must ask yourselves these questions before you go any further, then figure out how to accomplish them. Setting goals actually helps you achieve them.
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    Start exercising. It is remarkable how exercise can completely change the way you see the world. A simple stroll round the block in the morning, or a quick run round the park with the dog before school can do wonders to your mindset. Exercising actually releases endorphins that make you happier, so taking a walk can actually help get those negative thoughts out of your head! Find some form of exercise that you enjoy, and start small, working it into your daily routine. If you aren't in shape, don't expect to run a marathon. Start by walking around your block for a few days every week, gradually going a bit further each time. If you don't like team sports, try more individual activities such as yoga, aerobics, pilates, spinning, dance, jogging, etc. You can make small adjustments to your daily life to help you get healthier:
    • Take the stairs instead of the lift.
    • Walk to the shops instead of driving.
    • Cycle to school instead of catching the bus.
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    Think about your diet. Binging on food to bury your sorrows is not going to help you at all. Kick-start the day with a healthy breakfast and finish it with a healthy meal.
    • Breakfast: Make sure you pack lots of fruit into your breakfast along with calcium and fibre. This will be a brilliant start to your day!
    • Lunch: Fill yourself up at school with your own packed lunch. Make sure you have a decent amount of fruit and/or veggies and carbs to stop you snacking through the rest of the day. A salad with some pita bread and fruit juice (without added sugar) would be a great lunch!
    • Dinner: Make sure you get a good amount of protein and veggies in this meal! Steamed fish and vegetables is a really healthy and mineral rich meal, but if you can't eat this because you're don't eat meat/fish, you could have chili con carne packed with peppers and mushrooms with corn instead of beef mince.
    • Snacks: Fruit, vegetables and nuts only. Avoid fatty foods, fast food, chips, crisps, biscuits/cookies and chocolate. It's okay to indulge in unhealthy foods every once in a while, but for the most part snack on healthy things. They'll fill you up without the guilt!


  • Do half an hour of yoga a day for inner happiness.

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