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How to Be a Great Christian Teenager

This article will help you to become a great Christian teenager; whether you are a boy or girl, this is for you. Have a great, enjoyable teenage Christian life...


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    Be reasonable and considerate: your fairness should be visible to others. This includes sober, free of excesses.
    • "Your tongue (words) has the power of life and death; those who love to talk will reap the consequences." (depression, incitement, anger, judging, harshness, unfairness, untruth, sarcasm, reverse logic, mean, hate, and even: leading to injury, unjust war,...).
    • Say what is true in love. Don't cuss, berate, rant or rave. Stand firm and tall, not being unnecessarily "mean". If you slip in anger or nonsense -- apologize; mean it and go forward.
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    Love others. Listen more. Be positive; be enthused about the hope that you have. Be fair, not treating people indiscriminately, indifferently, but treat them individually, not coloring everybody with a wide brush.
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    Take a Bible with you just about everywhere you go: whether it is the mall or the arcade with your little brother or sister.
    • Read your Bible every morning and every night, or anytime for answers to spiritual questions. It would be helpful to have two Bibles: a study Bible for home and a gift Bible for travel, that you can give away -- if someone needs it.
    • Create a Bible study notebook.
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    Pray every morning, every night, before every meal, when in doubt, when you're scared, when you're in need of spiritual help, or just any time you can.
    • If someone else comes to you with a problem, offer to pray with them. You'd be surprised at how helpful this can be from their view.
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    Go to Sunday morning church service, Sunday night church service, Wednesday night church service, and any other church service such as: live nativity, revival, Bible study, and/or baptisms.
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    Talk to others about Jesus; you would be surprised how much one person can make a difference.
    • Confronting/arguing with friends and family about sensitive subjects like this is a surefire way to make them feel irritated or uncomfortable. So, be patient and mindful of their feelings, avoid topics that are particularly touchy; pray for them and do not criticize them directly. Practicing an idea of what to say in advance is also a good idea to ensure you're conveying what you're trying to in a way that seems non-judgmental and easier for them to listen to. It's up to them to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior, but you can be supportive.
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    Donate some time, money and possessions "to others in need of your help, giving all of your old clothes to a needy person, family or places like Goodwill, Salvation Army, Disabled American Veterans (DAV), etc. Occasionally, volunteer and do daily, personal charity of your own. In the Gospels, Jesus commands: "Love one another." -- saying "if you have no [such] love, then you are none of mine."
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    Try to be as natural as possible, because God made mankind the way He wanted us, in his image, and wants us to improve.
    • God does not want us to try to change ourselves superficially -- with things like strange hair dye, body piercings, and tattoos.

      But, if you have done all that and then come to Christ, use it all to advantage to reach the people similar to yourself, who may feel out of place with the most genteel and proper of great Christians, who don't get it...
    • Be well groomed, take care of your body and carry yourself well in both posture and confidence. Cleanliness and neatness also apply to your clothing, all of this will help you make a good impression, regardless of your taste in clothes. Invest a little time in good skin and hair care daily -- to enhance your appearance, naturally.
    • Girls, dress for success, modestly: that means please try to avoid mini skirts, short dresses, low cut tops, sleeveless tops, and/or short shorts. Wearing such clothing is not particularly wrong for your comfort, but it is certainly wrong to cause some other Christian brother to stumble by lusting over your body just because you want to feel more "comfortable". Wearing modest clothing isn't as limiting as you may think, modest clothes can still match your personal style quite nicely. Consider visiting a department store -- with someone whose tastes in clothing you respect -- to try new things on and see what styles and colors look better on you.
    • Girls, a little makeup can enhance natural beauty. All you need for daily wear is a bit of brown or blackish brown mascara, sheer lip gloss and blush in a flattering shade. Try concealer, if you have acne -- or use powder, if you have oily skin; just be careful to not overdo it. A little eyeshadow, eyeliner and natural lipliner/lipstick are for special occasions. The key is to enhance, not overpower, what God has given you.
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    If you have not already, then get saved: ask Jesus into your heart (your core being) and ask to receive the Holy Spirit; just go to your preacher or another trusted adult such as a parent, Sunday school teacher, or even a friend's parent, and ask one to help you with getting saved.
    • Not by work but by receiving the free gift, "by faith through God's grace"; so that, after you accept God's plan, then you will actively work and extend grace, because we "love others as he first loved us", and also "do good-works appointed" for each of us, as you accept and pass that grace (unmerited favor) on to others, and because you are justified, and pardoned freely by God -- for all you have ever done or do. Realize that you will get what you plant into your own life and into the lives of others -- "you'll reap what you sow", in another way of expressing that.
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    Follow up being saved: you should get baptised and live for Jesus, seeking the best of God's plan, for whatever you do.
    • Encourage others to be saved and baptised.
    • Follow Jesus and The Ten Commandments all of the time.
    • Love God! Show it by loving others -- helping those in need. Anybody can say that they love God, but also show that you do through actions and words.
    • Honor you father and you mother at all times no matter how hard it may be. Arguing nicely with them may not be pleasant, but it comes with being a teenager and a human. Just make sure you resolve any conflicts that arise, take the initiative to do this, if necessary and try your best to stay on good terms with them
    • Do not steal or cheat. Be honest, not wasting breath or killing time.
    • Create a Christian website and/or articles with your notes and other info like inspiring testimonies and Bible verses. If you have a Facebook, you may also consider putting verses there for your friends to see and talk about how much God has done for you.
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    Find the right friends: in other words, make friends that will be a good support system for you and encourage you to be your best self, not a completely different person.
    • Be friendly with everyone. However, avoid falling under the bad influences of troublemakers, backstabbers, liars or bullies.
    • Don't fight with others. Always turn the other cheek. Don't growl.
    • Try to maintain your composure when stressed. Get energized, enthusiastic and inspired, but not frenzied; have an edge by living by faith (not by sight), not allowing moods or feelings to change your outlook! However, also know anxiety is a human emotion and there's no way to dodge it entirely.
    • Find quiet ways to curb anxiety, sadness, anger, etc. Activities such as sports, writing and drawing can do a great at helping you relieve yourself as they become a distraction. If you need help and know things are out of control, never be afraid to ask. Also remember that crying is a natural and healthy way of relieving stress, just try to do it either alone or with people you know.
    • Be a peacemaker. Don't get in harsh disagreements with people, whether it is physical or not. If there are direct insults, discrimination, aggression or anything intended to hurt, it's gone too far.
    • Don't gossip about other people. It can really hurt somebody and yourself, when you cut-down others without good reason.
    • Don't EVER be a bully -- cyber, verbal, or physical.
    • If you see another person being bullied for whatever reason, never be afraid to stand up for them. Odds are, they'll be very grateful for your help and admire your courage.
    • Don't stay in abusive or toxic situations. The only thing you owe anybody who is going out of their way to hurt you is a kick out of your life.
    • Don't avoid people because they have a different religion or ideology. Many of these people won't pressure you to change who you are and you can learn a lot from such friendships.
    • Demonstrate respect, fairness and kindness to others at all times.
    • Be respectful to your elders at all times.
    • Be set free of fear, hate and shame by living in Christ.
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    Offer to do things like teach younger children in Sunday school:
    • Offer to sing the special at your church service.
    • Volunteer, such as: in the nursery or toddler room during Sunday service.
    • Volunteer to help the teachers during VBS (vacation Bible school).
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    Be active and involved in good things with your family and friends. Have fun learning, working and doing chores at home and helping your family and friends.
    • Set a good example for children and younger teenagers. If you're not comfortable with your brother or sister doing something, don't do it yourself.
    • Do your best in school. Make a good effort to study hard and love your schoolwork, it will reward you well after you graduate.
    • If you have a job, be a diligent worker, complete all your tasks on time and try to get along with your boss and co-workers.
    • Don't get in a habit of living on line, with social media or in chat-rooms or gaming all the time.
    • Don't choose or watch inappropriate movies or videos -- cruel, bloody, violent, hate-filled, hard-core, vulgar, explicit content of many kinds, some include: 'R, R-17, X, XXX, porn',...
    • Avoid listening to crude music -- gang, violent, hate or trash-talk, i.e.: cussing like "'bi-atch', glorifying of 'ho', 'pimp'..." or other inappropriate content (unworthy of your time and attention).
    • Stay loyal to God and strive to be your best self [now].


  • If in doubt about your clothing, change them; don't wear that.
  • A few steps of this article are aimed mostly for girls.
  • When choosing your clothes, ask yourself this question: Would I wear this to church? If you answer "no," then you know that this is something you shouldn't be wearing. If you answer "yes," then the clothes you chose are most likely modest.
  • Nicely, don't let others put you down because you are a Christian. Be firm and trustworthy, returning grace/not hate for their acrimony/hate.
  • "Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength." Jesus said to do that, seriously. But, obviously, No, we can't do that or anything else in life so well or perfectly in our own strength -- which is why we need God's perfect grace, "the power of God unto salvation".
  • Jesus said "You have heard 'Love your neighbor' -- but I say, 'love your enemy'!", but we can not always do that very well and certainly not perfectly; so, we trust Christ for "paying for our faults" and receive God's grace, extending our and His mercy and grace to others in Truth.
  • For encouragement, read examples of other young people who have been helped by Jesus.
  • Remember God always wants to talk to us and he hears us all the time.
  • It's okay to go without makeup, or with however much you please. Remember, SUPERFICIAL things don't matter.

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  • Jesus Christ as Lord of your life
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