How to Be a Good Student Without Being Teacher's Pet

Very few students would like being a teacher's pet. However, many students do not want to fail or be rebellious. It is possible to be a great student without annoying your classmates. If You want to be a teachers pet just keep in mind that you will have to work way harder than the rest of your classmates.


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    Don't look like one. Wear somewhat cool clothes. Makeup helps, but don't overdo it.
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    Remember they are teachers. It would be fine to eat lunch with them once in a while or ask how their day is. However, most students will start labeling you if you are overly friendly to the teacher. A good rule of thumb is to only ask how their doing twice a week at max. Definitely do not tell stories or jokes unless related to the subject they teach. Do not compliment on their looks.
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    Make sure your life isn't all about school and the homework that you get. You should study regularly but try to do something outside of school and/ or at home once a week.This only applies to middle school and high school kids.
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    Sit in the middle or front so you can pay attention better. If the teacher assigns you that seat, then that is okay. Sitting at the sides is especially good.
    • Do not answer all questions. After you've raised your hand once, let others go. This is also being polite. Let others have a chance.
    • When given praise, say thank you and keep it to yourself. Don't brag when you get something right. It could hurt someone feelings.
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    Avoid using praising if you get into a fight. "Mrs. Green told me I was very responsible," will almost always get you called a teacher's pet.
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    Give them space. They are humans and have social lives too. They do not need you trying to be their best friend. This step is the most important.
    • Be just the right amount of neat. Overly messy desks don't look very good, but cleaning every day is not needed. Clean your locker and backpack once a week if needed.
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    Have a wide group of friends. Don't befriend the "smart" or "nerd" kids. Hang out with one or two popular people, and at least 5 "normal" kids. This will stop you from looking like a teacher's pet or a "wannabe."

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