How to Be a Good Spy With a Spy Troop

Every girl or boy most likely loves the feel of danger and adventure, so why not become a spy? Spies aren't caught often and have an interesting life most of the time. So why not become a spy?


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    Make signals for you and your leader, also the extra members. Warning signals:
    • Whistle, one long whistle means silence, alert, or wait for the next signal.
    • Whistle, one slow long whistle means go out, get farther, or scatter.
    • Whistle: quick short whistles mean close in, come together, or fall in.
    • Whistle, short and long whistles mean alarm, be ready, or watch out.
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    You will also need hand signals too like:
    • Forward: Swing your arm from rear to front, below the shoulder.
    • Retreat:Circle your arm above your head.
    • Halt/stop: Raise your arm to full extension above your head.
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    Find a place to secretly talk with other members. This place can be a little far away in the woods or in an alley if you can find a nice one that does not look suspicious. Also find a secret time to go or maybe arrange signal to meet at once.
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    Get a secret code. A hard one to figure out in numbers being letters. Examples: A=1, B=2, C=3. An easier code is to write the words backwards. Examples: ih= hi.
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    Get gear that is not that hard to find or make. You can make a map that can be secretly held in a scarf. Woman in World War 2 used these. You can make your own by getting an old scarf you aren't really using any more and take a sharpie and write a map on the back.
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    Here are some other things you might need to become a spy:
    • A little notebook.
    • A small pencil or pen
    • A Small telescope (optional)
    • Walkie-talkie
    • Magnifying glass
    • Swiss army knife
    • Hat and wig (for a disguise)
    • Sneakers or other kinds of quiet shoes
    • Black to dark clothing (for sneaking)
    • A small rock or two
    • A small pouch to keep it all in.
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    Gather your spies. These can be your true friends at school or your neighbor's kids. You will need all of these people:
    • Agent in charge- The head spy who is trusted with all the plans and missions. This is an important person.
    • The scout- This person draws maps and scopes out all the physical land your spying on.
    • The tracker-This person tracks down and observes your suspects.
    • The techie-This person should know a lot about computer and gadgets. This person can fix electronic equipment and make new equipment. Also the person makes charts and notes about the missions.
    • The wheel artist-This person figures out the getaway plan. Also this person should set up bikes or other stuff in case you need to bike away fast or get away fast.
    • The stealth artist- This person should be small, quiet and be able to sneak in tight places.
    • The social engineer- This person should be brave, chatty and out going. Also they should be good asking questions to the suspects or be able to make distractions.


  • If you want, talk in code and write your notebook in code. That way no one can tell what your saying or writing.
  • If you get caught, run like you never ran before! Be sure the your wheel artist has a bike or something to get you out of the place in a rush.
  • If you can, take notes in your notebook if you are secretly listening to a conversation.
  • Distractions can be throwing a small rock or two at a window or something.


  • Don't frame people for crimes they didn't do. If you do, it could lead to a bad situation for you
  • Don't hurt anyone or anything with your small rocks.
  • Don't break a window or vase if you're trying to distract someone. You could get caught and get in trouble.

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