How to Be a Good Santa Claus

If you're dressing up as Santa Claus for a Christmas Party or as a holiday job, lucky you! Who wouldn't want to pretend to be that jolly old elf? The problem is, you're a little worried that you won't be a convincing Kris Kringle! No worries! Read on!


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    Nail the costume. A red Santa hat, red jacket with some white fur on it, a huge black belt, some red pants with white fur on the bottoms, and a pair of big black boots is great. If you don't already have a long, white beard, don't forget it! Buy one that's as realistic as possible.
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    Get the Santa Attitude. This guy is always smiling! You should never be frowning. Smile, and laugh, and ho-ho-ho as much as possible. Some people feel self-conscious about acting so jolly, but if you have a great costume on, people won't know that it's you anyway!
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    If you're going to be interacting with kids, make sure you do it right. If they're sitting on your lap, make sure to ask them what they want for Christmas. Give them a hug or a high-five. Kids love that stuff. Some kids will present the problem of yelling out, "You're not the real Santa Claus!". You can deal with this problem 1 of 2 ways.
    • Say to the kid, "That's right, son/sweetie. I'm just a stand-in. The real Santa is busy making toys for all you girls and boys in his workshop in the North Pole, so he told me to come down and visit you." This works pretty well, especially if you have a fake beard, because sometimes that occasional bratty kid will try to rip off your fake beard to prove that you're not Santa.
    • Fight for your Santa right. Tell the kid, "Of course I'm the real Santa! Ho-ho-ho!", and give him a candy cane so he won't say anything else that could blow your cover.
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    Never yell, swear, or get angry at any children that come sit on your lap. It's the number one rule of being a good Santa. Santa loves kids!
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    Buy a big red sack and fill it with candy canes! If you're having kids sit on your lap or take a picture with you, give them a candy cane from your sack after each kid tells you what they want for Christmas and/or take a picture with you. The kids love it. If you're at an adult Christmas party, just bounce around happily and give candy canes to random adults. Add a "Ho-ho-ho! Merry Christmas!" In there, and you'll most likely make them smile.


  • Basically, your role as a Santa impersonator is to help spread the Christmas cheer to everyone you meet. Even to yourself!
  • Never promise that children will get specific gifts doing so can really hurt the Santa image.
  • Don't forget to take a picture of yourself before you get out of the costume. It'll make a good Christmas card to send out to friends and family.

Things You'll Need

  • A Santa hat
  • Red Santa pants
  • Red Santa jacket
  • A big black belt
  • Big black boots
  • A fake - or real - beard
  • Santa glasses
  • A red sack
  • Candy canes
  • A pillow to put in your stomach

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