How to Be a Good Roblox Roleplayer

Roblox is a popular online and mobile game, but it can be tough knowing what to do to make yourself a good Roblox roleplayer. Read this article to learn how to become one.


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    Join a good game. A few choices would be"The Plaza", "Meep City", "Work At a Pizza Place", or other more commonly visited RPGs.
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    Look good. With many people creating accounts to play Roblox these days, remember that a Roblox account is completely free with only in-app purchases. Creating one would be ideal to look nice. If you are just starting and don't have any new clothes, then earn Robux to buy new clothes. Looking nice will help you avoid being called a noob.
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    Explore and get used to your surroundings. Take a walk around paths if it is your first time in the game. It will make your game time much more enjoyable knowing where different facilities are.
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    Go to or make your "home". Most RPGs have "homes" you stay at. Find or create yours. After you have found it, look around and find a button or gui to furnish it. Make it look public so people visiting will enjoy it too.
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    Go out and do some activities. Go shopping! Play minigames! Make Pizzas! Whatever you would like to do around town. Most RPGs have things to do, games to play, and furniture to buy. It's the main point of the game!
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    Make friends. If you are in a popular game, chances are your server is filled with other players. If you meet someone, or if someone walks over to you, start a conversation about the game! Press / on the keyboard or a textbox on mobile to start typing. If you feel like they are trusted, and don't want to forget about them after you exit the game then make them your friend! Press on their name in the player list and then either send a request or accept a request. You can also deny requests.
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    Don't be an online dater. Remember that Roblox isn't a dating service! Your account could get banned if you do it often.
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    Follow the rules. If there are any additional rules the game has, listen to them.


  • Giving gifts are a common reward either for pay or just being nice. Someone might donate you a certain amount of money, it is polite to pay them back.


  • Bullying, cheating, scamming, hacking, cursing, and dating can all get you banned or suspended from your account. That means you can't play again!

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