How to Be a Good Reviewer

Mainly, what the authors want are: encouragement, predictions, and that alert/favourite thing. They thrive on reviews, especially ones that make sense of where the story is going. And no "flames" are needed from anonymous readers, or users to derail their hope for a good story. Any good story should have good length, and a "cliff-hanger" to keep readers wanting more. It is a simple technique to lure you in.


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    Talk about Author's Notes. For some, Author's Notes might be short or long or mediocre - but that doesn't change the fact that they want to also talk. As boring as it might be, their Author's Note's (A/Ns) are to announce minor stuff. Like how they are doing in life, or events that occurred or how they are feeling. Normally, most readers would ignore that, and read on. The author, when they post up a new chapter, wants at least someone to review. What they look for is variable. Revised A/Ns of a story or chapter reload/re-posted, is their silent message of how much they improved. Not many might see that, though, and you have to read carefully if the author doesn't want you to review or just doesn't care.
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    Contemplate. A good reviewer (reader) - by any chance - should take the time to ration what they will say. Like write about why the characters are OOC (out-of-character), and if you like them that way. You have to think about the PLOT, and characterization of the written up fiction characters; (e.g. how did that girl/guy end up that way?). Emotions, and if that author cares about what they have written. And if the flow of the story is either too fast or going to be a boring talk. Now, reviewers, when authors write (especially those who know words beyond your comprehension of understanding or sapient wording) stand by your dictionaries, and thesaurus' or locate a wise man or woman. But sooner or later, you'll get it, and... oxymora, ex: "I will not tolerate intolerance." And if you want to be a good reviewer, the thing to do best is make sure you contemplate your questions and see if they are worthy. Read over the chapter if you have to, read the whole story. What matters is that if the author will give you a chance, it depends if you have an account; they might block you. But beware of your words.
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    Give compliments. Know that reviewing (if you're a frequent user) on stories, in some cases you get one review per chapter. There's more to the world than appreciating a good story from a bad story, or a happy, jubilant fic from a dark, intense fic of feelings, and for that one review of chance, make sure it's a good review. Some stories are exceptionally short or long, but concerning that, a good praise and notice is pretty complimenting for the author on their writing.
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    Articulate. Sometimes, it depends on the genre or direction of the story, the reviewer will take an immediate disliking that the plot is changing, instead of what it said on its summary. Reviewers will tend to not care about their grammar or spelling, some writers won't either and will insert A/Ns in the middle of the story. For some, it's unbelievably annoying; others, maybe not. That should be used for A/N, if it is that important and prominent for the story... But, a good reviewer should leave a good length on their story instead of the typical: "please continue update soon". And it would do a reviewer good to see the reviews themselves, to see if their own review is good enough. And it's good to be open-minded towards same sex relationships, it seems they are gaining a popularity. So, think before flaming and reducing hate.
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    Recycle. Remotely, reviewers should have some heart if a story is failing. Offer up some ideas, or voice your doubts why you think that particular story is failing. Remind them, to think it over, not plan it; planning doesn't always go the way you want it to. If you are interested in a story, but it was discontinued, try to review every chapter and bring some ideas. Make sure you think about the summary and events, and recycle them to begin a refresh start. And think about their personal life, insults won't get you noticed for a good review. Especially if they want to dedicate it someone. It could be you if you try hard enough. And give some constructive criticism, on their errors, etc., they will need it. Don't be too harsh if you want them to restart, but be... more encouraging with your explanations of your ideas. It will help more than you think.
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    Think about their ego. As a reviewer, you don't want to boost it too high, or their quality of writing might alter. If the reader, or reviewer thinks that the author is unworthy, the reviewer will show jealousy by flames. Or it might not be jealousy at all, just negativity of the readers' emotions. But, it depends if the author has an apathetic view and has a passion for writing and just doesn't care for what other people think. Just remember that one's praises can go to one's head, and blind them. They are not winners, just equal as any of us.


  • Make sure you have a good, rational mind before posting up a review.
  • Proceed with caution...

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