How to Be a Good Parent in Busy Times

In these busy times many people cannot find the time to parent their children properly. Following poor parenting children become uncontrollable, disrespectful, and out of hand. Here's a few quick tips on how you can keep your kids on the straight-and-narrow.


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    Improve relations with your spouse. Children model themselves after their parents, this is why family is the primary agent of socialization. If you can work together with your spouse you will instantly double your chances on raising a healthy family than if you were to do this only our own.
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    Develop authority. It's hard to do in these days because of over coddled kids but you must remember, you're the adult, they are the child. A fascist rule with iron fists is not being suggested, but definite boundaries must be put in place. Finite rules, overt punishment, and reward will lead to respect of not only you as a parent but for all persons which will diminish embarrassing outings.
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    Communicate. Listening is the most important thing you can do. It may help to create a quiet space where private conversations can be held but remember no issue is too small. Using the dinner table everybody sits around the table and while eating takes a genuine interest in everybody's lives. This may be an uphill battle but will eventually enrich your life as well as everybody around you.
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    Give them space. Teenagers are a handful, but with rigid boundaries you can allow them to spread their wings. Allow them to understand how to build trust with you and eventually they can and will gain independence.


  • The dinner table is a great place to connect with all people in the family. Make dinner and sit around a dinner table while eating and turn off the T.V.

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