How to Be a Good Marketer

Marketing can open many business doors and help businesses grow. It takes many skills to learn how to be a good marketer.


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    Know the product you are helping to sell. The product you are trying to sell is so important because it has clues about what kind of target market you will appeal to. For instance, it is useless trying to sell a baby pram to a young professional bachelor.
    • Once you know both the product and the target market, know the benefits that the product will give to that market specifically because this allows you to tailor the sales pitches, advertisements and propositions towards them in a way that makes them see how this product will benefit their life.
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    Have a good sense of ethics. Ethically influencing people for the benefit of all involved is different from doing the same thing by malicious manipulation, and knowing this difference is essential for the marketer otherwise they can end up with many regrets and even tarnish the companies reputation that they are working for as people become more aware of what the company is doing to them. A good working ethic prevents you from hating the work that you are doing, and in turn it also keeps you motivated.
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    Have a good sense of what is beneficial for a human being. Knowing what is beneficial for a human being allows for accurate assessment off product viability. The more beneficial a product is for a human being, the less work has to be done to sell that product to them.
    • There is a saying in marketing that 'only bad products need to be sold' and that is because good products sell themselves. Through knowing what benefits a human being product design becomes significantly easier.
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    Know the differences between men and women. Marketing of one of the few trades where having a very good knowledge of the differences between male and female effects your ability to perform in it. Men and women have very different needs and wants and having a good knowledge of the differences between them allows for better products for each of them, better salesmanship to help those beneficial products along, and better marketing overall to each of them.
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    Learn how to predict future trends. This is an incredibly beneficial skill for a marketer because it allows them to plan marketing strategies to a future market. In this way their marketing becomes sustainable in the long term and can even avoid excessive costs in the future.
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    Keep contacts of all the professionals that you work with. Marketing is professional work and being able to make a good professional network often creates many financial opportunities for everyone involved. This kind of network building also allows you to navigate many of the problems that you might face. This will be accomplished by being able to use other peoples professional advice and even consultations.
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    Aim for win-win situations. A good marketer should aim for the bare minimum of the economic situations created to be beneficial to everyone effected by it. One person does not have to lose for another to win - a business can hire a marketer to beget new clients and the marketer gets paid.
    • The business gets its clients and the clients get the value of the service of the business. Learning how to create these kinds of situations consistently as a marketer is very financially beneficial.
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    Know how to create harmonious relationships between people. In marketing you are working primarily with other people and so being able to create harmonious relationships is going to be of benefit right from day one.
    • Working in professional teams and dealing with different clients is considerably easier when you know how to create harmonious relationships with others, because it makes you not only tolerable but also somewhat charming, and the kind of person that others want to be around and work with.
      • When dealing with clients, it can turn them onto your idea even before you have pitched in. Conversely, if you are constantly creating disharmonious relations with others you can turn other people off from your ideas even if your ideas are good.
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    Know he different types of customers well and the mass psychology of that group. When you segment the market pay attention to the type of person within that market in order to discern a good picture of them to determine clues about what will benefit them and what would be of value to them. Also pay attention to how that group functions as a whole, for instance rock fans have a different mass psychology from folk music fans and being able to tell the differences in that psychology allows for better interactions with them.

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