How to Be a Good Green Bay Packers Fan

One Methods:Talk about the packers, a lot!

The Green Bay Packers are a National Football League team from Green Bay, Wisconsin. They have won 13 world championships, more than any other team in NFL history. You will probably recognize the team by their infamous helmet logo, the Lombardi G. They are also easily recognizable by their green and gold uniforms and their fans use of cheese as headwear. The life of being a Packer's fan is very exciting, fruitful and fulfilling, which is why you should continue reading this article on being a good Packer fan.


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    Learn the history of the franchise. You need to be familiar with packers past legends such as Bart Starr, Vince Lombardi, Brett Favre, Reggie White to more recent stars like Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews.
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    Get some gear! You can't be a proper Packers fan without a jersey, a "Cheesehead" hat, or other memorabilia. Be sure to get your gear from officially licensed NFL dealers or the packers pro shop to truly support the team.
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    Keep up with the team's current players and news. There are a wide variety of websites you can use for this - from ESPN's site to the Packers' own website, as well as many others that are run by fans.
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    Watch games on TV when you can. Packers games are frequently televised nationally. You may be able to go to a sports bar to see their games or watch them online if there are no local broadcast. There are tools available to search for official packer bars across the nation. Check out
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    Tailgate! Having beers and sausages in the parking lot before a game is a great way to prepare for games. All teams have tailgating as a strong tradition but there's something special about packer tailgating. There's nothing quite like a beer and a bratwurst before the game. If you can't go to the game, do it at home.
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    Go to a game. For the true Packers fan, there is nothing like going to a game at Lambeau Field. Even fans of other teams revere the stadium and admire it in awe. Make it a goal to go at least once in your life.

Talk about the packers, a lot!

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    Talk about the packers any time you get an opportunity. Most people know green bay fans because they make it known by their clothing choices, but they also proudly announce it every chance they get. In every situation a packer fan makes it known. They find a way to relate any situation or scenario to Green Bay. Be loud, be proud, represent the pack.
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    Talk about the stats and talk about the players. Familiarize yourself with the team history and talk about that too. A lot, a whole lot.


  • The Packers are the only American football franchise that is not privately owned. Their ownership structure makes it very unlikely that they will ever be moved from Green Bay, despite its being much smaller than other cities with NFL franchises. [1]

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