How to Be a Good Bat Boy

Bat boys are an important part of a baseball team, almost as important as the players! This will show you how to be the best one, and impress others.


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    Have several bats handy. Sometimes a player breaks his bat while hitting a ball. He and the crowd will not appreciate waiting for you to pick out a bat and run it over to him.
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    Offer feedback. The player will not know what he is doing wrong most of the time, and the crowd can't tell him, so it's up to you. Offer tips on hitting, fielding, and just about anything that's related to baseball.
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    Keep the dugout tidy. Players don't like to sit in a dusty or bug infested dugout. Sweep after every half inning, arrange bats where they can easily be reached, and keep equipment clean. You can even re-paint the dugout if you want to!
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    Give the players sunflower seeds or gum. Since most bat boys are not old enough to buy chewing tobacco, sunflower seeds or gum is the best alternative.
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    Have fun while doing this. Don't be mopey and sad all the time, be glad that you get to travel with the team and see all the games! Players don't like their bat boys to be mad or sad at them all of the time.


  • If you give them sunflower seeds, be sure you sweep them up!


  • Do not paint the dugout without the coach's consent.

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