How to Be a Good Basketball Shooter

Learning how to shoot well is an essential for a lot of sports like basketball and netball. It does not matter how good you are at passing the ball,


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    Learn the technique. There's no point shooting hundred of baskets/nets if you're doing it the wrong way, is there? Ask your coach, PE teacher, team members or somebody who knows the game very well how to shoot accurately, and any tips they have.
    • A good technique is "FOREST."
      • Finger- Dominate your release with your index finger.
      • Off Hand- Touch your off hand to your shooting arm just below the wrist after you shoot.
      • Rhythm- Dip the ball to your waist or thigh before you shoot when coming off a pass.
      • Eyes- Have your shooting side eye covered by the ball as you release, and watch the flight of the ball.
      • S- Sweep and Sway- Jump forward six inches to a foot as you shoot, and get your shoulders back and relaxed.
      • T- Turn- Start with your feet turned about 10-45 degrees towards your opposite hand and turn towards your opposite hand as you jump in the air, landing with your feet pointing between 20 and 90 degrees towards your opposite hand.
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    Practice shooting from every position and angle. If you keep shooting from the halfway line, you'll be perfect, but you'll stink at all the other positions. Practice shooting from everywhere-even from behind the net. You need the extra practice, and you can gain some more skill and pick up a few tips by doing this. Practice shooting by yourself, then practice while someone is defending you. Dribble up and shoot for basketball, throw the ball to a few people and then shoot for netball.
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    Keep practicing. You can never get enough practice. Gather up a few friends in the backyard, or walk down to the local gym. Try to practice a couple of times a week, as well as any training or classes. Pay attention in PE and training. Always listen to your teachers and coaches. They have lots of great tips.
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    Learn to move without the ball. If you look at great shooters such as Ray Allen or JJ Redick, they are never standing still. Use available picks and screens to create an open shot, or use baseline cuts to create some space between you and a defender.


  • Practice your release.
  • Pick a day for when you and your friends all practice together. It'll be great fun and you'll get loads of practice in.
  • Always play tough.
  • Always use a good, pumped up ball. Flat balls can throw off your rhythm in shooting.
  • Some tips that can be used for both games are:
  • If your shot is off in a scrimmage adjust it make sure that if its going long you're not pushing if it falls short then Bend your knees more and make sure your hand is pointing at the basketball when you shoot.
  • Don't try to shoot past your range! Always take shots that you know you can make consistently.


  • This can take lots of time. Being a great shooter doesn't come to you in five seconds flat. But don't give up.

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