How to Be a Good Airsoft Assault Soldier

Being a good assault gunner is crucial to your team. Yeah, there are a lot of "Snipers" and "Gunners", but the way to go is just a plain assault rifleman with a good AEG, preferably a Tokyo-Marui or Classic Army. With upgrades, of course.


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    Have lots of ammo. Be able to load your gun quickly. It can not be stressed enough how important it is to have more than just your standard 30 round low capacity magazine, you need more than that. For example you could have 5 Magazines for a Tokyo-Marui AEG, with around 300 shots available in Magazines. If you want to go an easier route then get a mid cap. They hold 80-200 rounds, and are very quiet. If you want you can get a 200-400 rnd. HiCap, but you have to wind them, and they rattle.
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    Choose a good partner. This tactic has ups and downs. The ups are that you can work as a team, saying that you can cover your partner while they reload or vice versa. You also have twice the rounds being shot so you can easily take down more opponents than if you were alone. Downs to this tactic are that if there is a gunner with a "SAW" or some sort of heavy fire machine gun, then you're both pretty much hosed. Also having a second person can often lead to being spotted easier because you make more noise and there is a larger mass of people moving. A good Sniper-Spotter partnership is very valuable, because the average death of a sniper is because they are being sneaked up on, however if you have a spotter with an automatic rifle, then that really cuts down on that issue.
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    Be in shape for the battle. If you run from your house to your neighbors house and you are out of breath, well then you will not be very successful in your matches because there are a lot of hot situations where a lot of running is required to fall back and retreat, quickly getting to a good position is also important, so run there, don't drink your coffee and walk along talking to the guy next to you about how you wish you had this or that.
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    Train in your backyard with your gear on. This way, it'll be more natural when you're in a real match. Hide behind a wall or tree and set up targets, and then have a friend time you on how fast you can peg those targets. This will increase your reaction time and eventually make it to where you can turn, aim, and shoot before your enemy can acknowledge what's happening. (Only do this is you have an enclosed backyard that is away from public view or your neighborhood is aware and okay with you doing it.)
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    Equip your gun with a red dot sight of your choice. Scopes are for DMRS, Gunners and Snipers. Red dots are very useful for those shots where it really matters if you hit them the first time! (Always Zero your sight)
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    Don't be intimidated. One of the most adrenaline pumping scenarios is when the match starts and then, 20 seconds later, all you can hear is AEG sounding like humming birds on stimulants. Run into a good position and take cover. Remember the enemy also has a limited amount of ammunition so let them take those shots that they think will go through the concrete wall you're hiding behind.
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    Shoot your opponent more than once if possible if you are at more than 80 feet (24.4 m) away. If you don't, you run the risk of them not saying they didn't feel shot, whether or not this is true. If they cheat, don't overshoot or "light them up." Confront them or a game organizer afterward.
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    Be stealthy. This way, you can sometimes get behind enemy lines and shoot them. Also, play a game called rabbit where you have a 2v.1 and you are the 1. One person chases you ten seconds after you start running and the 2nd person helps the person chasing you (note: you are DISARMED). Avoid their shots and go to a certain location where your gun is. If you get hit the game is over. The way I play with my friends is when their mag is empty the game is over. In other words they can (but should not) light you up!


  • Take an extra battery for your gun if possible.
  • Work as a team! Your team mates are there for a reason.
  • Find an easy way to carry your extra magazines and other items, preferably a tactical vest, usually costing around 60 bucks.
  • Try to conserve ammo because it's a shocker but you will eventually run out of ammo in your magazine without you usually knowing, leaving you in a position where you're trying to reload while you and your team are getting hammered.
  • Inform a Sniper on your team if you spot an opposing marksman that you can't hit. Most likely they can take them out easier than you can.
  • Always volunteer.
  • Clean your gun after every game.


  • Don't ever run out in the open thinking that you and your team can just out-gun everyone.
  • Airsoft sniper rifles hurt, so try to watch out for snipers in typical locations, like on ridges or hills.
  • Don't leave your team in a "Wow, I wish he wasn't on our team" mindset so don't be horrible. Do your training!
  • Always wear proper eye protection.

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