How to Be a Gamer

Two Methods:Starting OffAdopting a Gamer Lifestyle

Being a gamer means someone dedicated to video games and the culture of gaming. In order to be a gamer, you'll need certain equipment. You'll also need to research the gamer community and language. Spend a lot of time practicing your chosen game in order to master the gamer lifestyle.

Method 1
Starting Off

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    Play video games. The first step to becoming a Pro gamer is playing video games. To become a Pro Gamer you have to be good. Pick a game that you will compete in professionally. You must be passionate about it and
    • Shooter and first person shooter video games are amongst the oldest types of games. These games involve shooting at targets and are often war themed in nature. First person shooters involve the player navigating an environment from a first person perspective. You'll often be required to shoot and kill your enemies. Examples of shooter and first person shooter games include Halo, Doom, and Wolfenstein. If you enjoy action, you may want to consider a shooter game.[1]
    • Adventure games usually involve the player going on a variety of quests to obtain information to aid with an overarching mission. Adventure games do not always involve a specific enemy or boss. They may involve navigating a story, and the game may be a matter of revealing plot points and secrets. If you enjoy fantasy and storytelling, consider an adventure game. Adventure games include Myst, Indiana Jones, and Syberia.[2]
    • Role-playing games involve taking on a specific character and performing quests. Dungeons and Dragons is a type of pen and paper role-playing game, but there are many role-playing games to be found online. These games are often longterm and you remain the same character throughout gameplay. If you're looking for a game that involves strategy and interacting with others, consider a role playing game.[3]
    • There are also basic types of games, like sports games, fighting games, and dance games. Games also come in hybrid forms. For example, many games with supernatural elements combine action and adventure games and may also have elements of shooter type games. It's important you choose a video game that appeals to your personal interests. Spend some time exploring a local game shop and see what you find.[4]
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    Gather the right materials. If you want to be a professional gamer, you'll need certain materials. A good console, a mouse, controllers, and other supplies are needed in the gaming world.
    • Depending on the type of games you want to play, you may need some kind of a game console. You can go to a local game shop and talk to a worker there. Explain the kinds of games you're interested in playing and ask him or her to help you find the right console.
    • If you're playing games on a computer and using a mouse, you should invest in a wrist cushion. This will help support your wrist and lesson pain and irritation associated with gaming.[5]
    • You should invest in a quality controller. Even if you're primarily playing games online, many controllers can be plugged into a PC or laptop and allow you to better maneuver your character.[6]
    • Get a good track pad if you're using a mouse. You need a high quality track pad with a hard, low friction surface. This allows you to better move your mouse while playing.[7]
    • As a lot of gaming is community based, get a microphone you can hook up to your computer or game system. This way, you can talk to other players online.[8]
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    Study video games and gaming culture. Gaming is an entire subculture with different slang, rules, and customs. Before jumping into the world of gaming, spend some time studying the culture.
    • When entering the gaming realm, try to learn from everyone. Keep in mind everyone playing the same video game as you has something to teach you. Be respectful of other players and, if you're playing a role playing game, follow the lead of others while you're still learning.[9]
    • Read up on any game you want to play. Try to get a good grasp of the rules and best strategies. While the best way to get better at a game is by simply playing it a lot, you should spend some time familiarizing yourself with how the game works before jumping in.
    • Gamers have their own special language and slang. Spend some time browsing gaming forums on the internet and studying how gamers talk. Google acronyms and words you do not understand to understand their meaning.
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    Diversify the types of games you play. You do not want to play only one game or only one type of game. True gamers play a diversity of different game types and genres. If you want to be a gamer, push yourself out of your comfort zone. If you're used to playing first person shooters, try a role playing or action/adventure game. If you usually play games that involve story-telling and fantasy, try playing a sports or action game. Allow yourself to experience a variety of different types of gameplay.

Method 2
Adopting a Gamer Lifestyle

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    Get involved in the community. Gaming is a whole community. While a lot of individual talent goes into gaming, being involved in the larger community is important to adopting the gamer lifestyle.
    • Be respectful to other players. While derogatory language is common, try to avoid using it yourself. It is actually beneficial to make friends and connections through gaming. Not only does this help you while actually playing the game, it make the whole experience more fun and engaging.[10]
    • Every gamer community has different rules and regulations. Spend some time browsing gamer forums or playing while remaining mostly silent and disengaged. Learn the customs of a given community through observation at first.[11]
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    Practice. The best way to improve at video games is by simple practice. If you want to live the gamer lifestyle, you'll have to practice playing each day.
    • Make time in your schedule to play your game each day. This shouldn't be too hard if you really love the game. Like any task, the best way to improve your skills as a gamer is by simple practice.[12]
    • Make a point of playing with gamers who are better than you. You'll learn how to play by interacting with those more talented than you. Observe their game playing techniques and try to learn from their skills.[13]
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    Develop a gaming persona. Gamers can often be broken down into different personality types. Try to develop a gaming persona to set yourself apart. This will allow other gamers to recognizes you, your playing habits, and your personality. This will help you connect with other gamers and immerse yourself in the community.
    • Do you enjoy the building and strategy aspects of a game? Are you always looking for new solutions in a particular quest or battle? Try to find a niche as a creator/innovator then. Work on looking for new ways to streamline the gaming experience. Be on the lookout for means to make your character more powerful and complete quests, fights, and missions quicker.[14]
    • You can also carve out a niche as an explorer, especially if you're playing an RPG or fantasy game. Always be on the lookout for new levels, hidden easter eggs, and interesting visuals other players might miss. You can also become an adventurer, playing primarily for the story. Only destroy and fight when it's relevant to the story and works with your character. Work hard to complete the story and figure out all the twists and turns.[15]
    • If you're a competitive type, consider carving out your persona as a challenger or destroyer. Strive to get high scores and defeat other players and villains. Challenge other players to battles. Try your best to get on any top scoring charts. In other words, play the game with the intent to win.[16]
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    Consider going pro. Some people actually make a living playing video games professionally. If you're really dedicated to a particular game, keep professional gaming in the back of your mind.
    • Do not quit your day job to pursue professional gaming. The world is competitive and even sponsored gamers can't always make a living this way. However, if you work hard you may be able to make some income as a gamer.[17]
    • Study games. If you're really dedicated to going pro, you'll need to know what's happening in the world of your game of choice. Know about updates and new gear. Keep up to date on any new innovations or strategies gamers practice. You should also spend time online watching pro gamer tournaments. Study the strategies pros use.[18]
    • Up your practice. Professional gamers often practice 7 to 8 hours per day to reach professional status.[19]
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    Compete in tournaments. Gaming tournaments can be a great way to get noticed, especially if you end up placing. This can also be a great place to find sponsors. Many professional gamers make a lot of their income through sponsorship.[20]
    • Even if you're just starting out, pushing yourself to compete in a tournament can be fun. Even if you don't place, you'll meet other gamers. This can help you feel more connected to the gaming community.
    • Practice hard before a tournament if you've been gaming for a while. Placing in a tournament can help you professionally if you're considering gaming as a career.
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    Find ways to save money. Being a gamer can be expensive. Look for ways to save money as a gamer.
    • Keep up with sales online and in local stores. There are many online forums, such as CheapAssGamer, that post about the latest deals.[21]
    • Gamefly is a rental system in which you can rent games for extended periods for a monthly fee. It costs $16 a month. If you play and beat a game in 3 months that would normally cost $60, you end up saving money via Gamefly.[22]
    • A lot of games, such as League of Legends, are free to play online. Consider seeing if there are any free games that you enjoy online.[23]
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    Take breaks. It's important not to overdo it when gaming. Video game addiction is a real phenomenon. Try to keep in mind that games are not real and you have real life obligations to fulfill.[24] Take breaks when playing on occasion. Make sure to eat right and drink plenty of water and avoid getting lost in a video game.


  • Watch your budget. Don't go overboard with expenses.
  • Take a break for approximately 15 to 20 minutes for every hour of gaming or so. Not doing so could result in eye damage, bone and joint damage and major headaches. Take a break as soon as you start hurting.

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