How to Be a Fun Sleepover Guest (Teens)

Some sleepovers can be painfully boring. If you want to be a good guest but almost fall asleep with nothing to do, what should you do? This article will tell you some great things to do and bring to save a sleepover without changing the entire sleepover plans.


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    Suggest a game to play. Search for board games in your host's house, and ask if the group would like to join you. Alternatively, you could bring your own games. A deck of cards works wonders in a party, as they can be used to play many games, such as Bluff, Uno, Go Fish, and WAR.
    • Avoid controlling the activities, and allow the other guests to choose the games.
    • Hangman and MASH are two great games that require only a pen and paper.
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    Follow the parents' rules. If they clearly instructed your group not to watch a certain movie, go outside, etc., refrain from rebelling. There are other fun activities that your group can participate in, such as watching television, listening to music, and playing video games. Having delightful conversations is another way to pass the time.
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    Pack your bag with fun materials. Water balloons, an iPod, makeup, and prank materials are great items that can be used to ward off boredom. Also, be sure to leave enough room for the necessities (sleeping bag, clothes, etc.). You can also bring a volleyball or another ball for outdoor sports.
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    Go outside during the day. Take a walk, and participate in outdoor activities. You could also have a water balloon fight. When night falls, head back inside if the parents want you to stay indoors.
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    Give each other makeovers while listening to music. During this time, you can participate in a fun game known as iPod Makeover. Listen to your iPod on shuffle until you find a song by a certain artist. Give one of the guests a makeover based on the artist's appearance.
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    Watch funny and/or great movies. Chick flicks are good, but movies such as the Hangover can be enjoyed by all. Suggest excellent movies with good ratings so that everyone will remember how fun the sleepover was.
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    Stay up late. The late hours are an excellent time to bond with one another. However, do not prevent other guests from going to bed if they feel exhausted.


  • Avoid going overboard; it is not your sleepover.
  • Stay out of fights/arguments.
  • Play pranks on your sleeping guests, but be sure they are harmless and not messy.
  • Avoid making fun of your guests or what they bring.
  • Be completely flexible when deciding what activities your group wants to participate in. Listen to everyone's suggestions, and avoid taking complete control.
  • Have fun.


  • Do not create drama.
  • Stay out of trouble; you may receive a phone call from your parents/the host's parents if they become upset with your actions.

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