How to Be a Flight Attendant

The competition for a career as a flight attendant is high, as there are more applicants than there are available jobs. The requirements for flight attendants have increased as commercial flight carriers strive to hire educated, professional flight attendants. Since the salary is decent, there are many who strive to learn how to be a flight attendant. Below is some information to help you get started.


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    Graduate high school and attend college. While the minimum requirement for most flight attendant jobs is a high school diploma, more flight carriers are looking to hire employees with a college degree.
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    Major in a field like communications, psychology, sociology or public relations when attending college. Since the job requires good communication and interpersonal skills, having a degree in a people-related field is beneficial.
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    Attend flight attendant training along with getting a college degree. This training is preferred by commercial flight carriers and may help you land a job over someone who does not have this training.
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    Learn to speak a foreign language, such as Spanish, French, Swedish or Japanese. Many of the current job openings for flight attendants require that you are fluent in at least one other language besides English.
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    Understand the flight attendant height and weight requirement of most airlines. You will not be weighed or measured, but airlines will visually check if your height and weight are proportionate. Since aisles are small and flight attendants must be able to move quickly in an emergency, airlines usually require that flight attendants are height and weight proportionate. If you are in a healthy weight range for your height according to your doctor, then you will probably be considered proportionate by the airlines.
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    Have any medical conditions cleared before applying. If you need your vision or hearing checked and corrected, do so before applying to an airline. A medical evaluation will be performed since the high elevations can cause some health conditions to worsen. Have a doctor's permission form filled out before applying so you can show it to a potential employer, if needed.
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    Apply for a passport before looking for an airline job. Most carriers will require that you have a passport so that you can legally enter the countries serviced by the carrier.
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    Create a resume that showcases your abilities to deal well with the public, handle emergency situations, and help people stay calm and rational when upset and any other experiences that prove you can deal with strangers on a daily basis.
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    Be honest on your application. Airlines will conduct an extensive background investigation before hiring you. If there are any discrepancies, you will be prohibited from working with an airline.
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    Go online to the different airline carriers and inquire about openings. Most of the commercial airline carriers have a careers section on their page. This will list all job openings and the major requirements. It will also instruct you on how to apply for the job and where to send your resume and other qualifications.


  • Airliners will expect you to be familiar with FAA regulations. While you will attend mandatory training once hired, it's a good idea to read up on the general rules and regulations should you need any of the information during an interview.


  • Many commercial airline carriers prohibit visible tattoos and excessive body piercings. If you're serious about being a flight attendant, you may have to remove tattoos or body piercings before you can actually land a job.

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