How to Be a Fashionista

Three Parts:Staying CurrentBuilding Your WardrobeGetting Dressed

A fashionista is someone who looks at fashion as a form of art. If you want to learn to follow fashion and look great, you can learn how to stay up on current fashion trends, as well as how to build a stylish wardrobe that will have you turning heads.

Part 1
Staying Current

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    Look for fashion inspiration everywhere. Fashion is all around us, and by reading, watching and learning new things about the world and fashion, you will be inspired and in time become a fashionista. Start looking at the world as your canvas and create, whether it be by styling different clothing garments together, or sketching ideas of clothing garments you'd like to recreate or find in a store.
    • Keep your eyes open for fashion. Fashionistas may be equally influenced by Gucci as by music, fine art, or poetry. Think about fashion as an art form, if you want to be real fashionista.
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    Stay up on the trends in the industry. Watch what celebs and designers are wearing, and try to recreate those looks into your daily outfits as a fashionista. Try not to copy the looks exactly, but try to put your spin on things.
    • Knowing what’s coming will really help you out in getting the goods before stores realize they can charge you twice as much as it is worth.
    • Look for things you've never seen before, and wouldn't necessarily buy at first. When you see what's coming into new stores that you find strange, it might mean that this is the next big thing.
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    Do your fashion research on social media. On your personal Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, follow as many style and fashion icons as possible. This way, you can get instant fashion updates at your fingertips. Search popular fashion hashtags and regularly go digging for new and surprising style inspirations online.
    • Pinterest and Wanelo are great fashion-forward social networking pages that can help connect you with the fashion world. Start a profile and start saving things you like until you begin to develop a style you like that is all your own. Check out the "recommended" clothes that are near the things you save.
    • In Wanelo, you can go to the "Magic" section which provides things they think you'll like based on your recent saves.
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    Buy fashion magazines. Fashion magazines are one of the classic touchstones of being a fashionable person. Particularly look out for magazines like Vogue or Marie Claire where the photography of the adverts can be as informative as the articles themselves. Magazines can give you some basic information about the fashion world.
    • Carefully examine the details on photos. What is in now and what is not? Discover new fashion trends. Pay attention to the way of clothing and allow it to inspire you as to how you can wear your own clothes.
    • Can't afford to subscribe to that many fashion magazines? Read them at the bookstore, or head to the library and check out their subscription.

Part 2
Building Your Wardrobe

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    Buck trends. If you want to be a fashionista, you don't have to like what everyone is wearing. By the time you figure out what's trendy and start dressing like other people, it'll be old hat. You don't have to look like the trend-setters out there, and you shouldn't want to. Aim to have your own style.
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    Get some solid essentials. Don’t just go out and buy a bunch of really cool pieces that match with one thing in your closet. You will soon feel that you are running out of clothes when truthfully you just bought a ton of statement pieces like a cool floral skirt with no plain tops to match it with.
    • Get things like camisoles, plain sweaters and cardigans, a plain skirt, and a few neutral-colored dresses, so you'll have as many options as possible to match. If you aren't quite ready for wild colors, just go with black to make sure you'll have choices.
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    Get plenty of shoe options. The right pair of shoes can make or break a fashionable outfit. Even a simple pair of form-fitting jeans with a cute top can look suddenly spiced up with a surprising pair of pumps. Shoes should be cute and comfortable, and you should have a variety of them to spice up your different looks.
    • Boots are super important. They always elongate the leg and make you look super toned. They also can go almost all year long. They are classic and won’t go out of style.
    • A cute but casual pair of flats is important for any wardrobe. That does not mean running sneakers.
    • Invest in a great pair of heels that will last a long time. Then you can get other ones you just like for some special occasions.
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    Shop smart. Fashion's a great hobby, as long as you can afford it. If you're on a budget, it's important to set a particular amount out of your funds that you're allowed to spend on money per month and stay strictly in that limit. You don't have to sacrifice style for cash, though, and you can learn to find quality items for cheap.
    • Price items at different stores and always go back and compare. Don't go just to one fashion store and settle for what you find. Make sure you do the rounds and keep track of different items you hope to purchase.
    • Find the right stores. You can always splurge once and a while on a real statement piece that you know is something you'll never find anywhere else but try to stay within that budget. There’s a difference between Fashionista and shopaholic.
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    Learn how to accessorize properly. Jewelry, cute hats, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are helpful in allowing you to create different looks from the same items in your wardrobe. Find what looks right for you and look at the outfit as a whole in the mirror with it so you don't over accessorize by mistake.
    • Invest in affordable scarves, jewelry, and shoes to accessorize your outfits. They make a big difference in any simple outfit, and you can get away with having a wide variety of cheap items that accent your other pieces.
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    Learn how to sew and make your own garments. When you truly develop your own style, sometimes you'll picture such an ideal outfit and you go on a mad hunt for it. And you won't find it. Instead of being disappointed, learn how to make it yourself! You can learn to mend your favorite items and keep them looking fresh and new, as well as how to make up new items as you go along, just for the cost of materials. This can be a real cost-saver, and a great way to make statements.
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    Purge your wardrobe regularly. Every couple of months, it's important to get rid of clothes you won't wear anymore. Give old clothes to charity, or have "Naked Lady" parties, in which you get together with a bunch of your fashionable friends and trade items you don't want anymore.
    • You can save interesting T-shirts, or old jeans which are not popular now if you think you can combine it with some other things to get unique look, but it's usually easier to purge focus on working with what you like in the here and now.

Part 3
Getting Dressed

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    Learn to mix and match the clothes you already have. A lot of people assume you need the latest trends to be fashionable, but this doesn't necessarily have to be true. If you mix a plain white t-shirt with denim jeans one day and a black pencil skirt another, you've got two outfits right there made with a minimum of items.
    • Practice organizing your clothes into different looks when you've got free-time. Spend some quality mirror time trying on different things together and experimenting to see what you looks right.
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    Find out what looks good on you and what doesn't. Something might be fashionable in general, but it's not right for you and your body type. That's ok. It's important to figure out not only what's stylish and what's "in," but what's going to look good on you.
    • It's good to spend time in front of mirror discovering the perfect combination of items for you. Find out the clothes which defines your body shape best and will help accent your best features.
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    Wear what makes you feel confident. To be a fashionista you need to be confident. The number one rule in fashion is to wear what you want to wear, so always wear what you want and choose items that will help you feel comfortable and radiant.
    • Hold your head up high and improve that posture. People started to notice that you're dressed nice if you're walking with your head up. Be proud and get noticed.
    • Don't wear something just because it's "fashionable," or because someone recommended it. Fashion changes. If you used to love wearing blazers a year ago, but now you want to try leather jackets, go for it. Life is short and a fashionista should always wears what she wants.
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    Don't over-do it. Although runway fashion can be very over-the-top and glamorous, sometimes less is more. You don't need to wear a fancy dress to school to be a fashionista. Just be yourself and find clothing that you feel represent you, and make you feel beautiful and confident.
    • Try and separate runway fashion from everyday fashion. The designers of those elaborate garments are mostly wearing normal everyday clothes, just like you. Keep that in mind.
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    Have a positive attitude. Fashionistas need to mimic the beauty your fashions exudes on the outside by being beautiful on the inside. Being a fashionista means nothing if your attitude is not positive. Be happy, and enjoy life. Fashion is wonderful, but brand names and style aren't everything. Learn to be you and love you, and soon your inner fashionista will shine.


  • Pay attention to accessories. It's amazing how important is it. Sometimes you can get perfect look wearing classic white or black T-shirt with jeans if you have appropriate accessories.
  • Always make sure you have fashion checks before you leave your house. If you see someone wearing jeans and a white tee-shirt like you, that's not really unique.
  • Your make up also must be appropriate.
  • Don't overdo the jewellery. Always remember the golden rule: Less is definitely more.
  • Also don't forget to buy really good perfume.
  • It's enough to have just one branded thing in your daily combination. You don't have to put all branded clothes you posses on in one day.
  • Have a manicure. Your nails must be perfect all the time.
  • Put on bright lipstick and be bold.
  • Don't feel sorry to get some expensive pair of shoes.
  • Wear something that's comfortable but looks great.


  • Don't wear something that doesn't look good to you. Don't wear branded clothes that makes you look gross. Find balance between modern and good-looking-to-you.
  • Don't mix a lot of colours. You don't want someone to have a headache because of you.
  • You also don't have to buy extremely expensive things unless you are a millionaire.
  • Don't wear your friend's clothes. Make your own collection.
  • Don't buy cheap clothes. Quality is very important.

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