How to Be a Fashionista Blossom Trend Setter

Be creative, trendy, and classy! Have better style than everyone at your school! People will want to dress and act the way you do!


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    Shampoo & Condition your hair regularly. Use good quality hair products, such as Paul Mitchell and Mizani. Keep hair up to part, people pay attention! Don't have greasy, nasty hair. Avoid wearing scrunchies, they can carry bacteria. Wear cute hair accessories and always have hair ties, and decorated, or patterned headbands. Make sure your headbands match your outfit and don't look out of proportion.
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    Keep skin fresh and clean. Wash your face every day day. After lunch check in the mirror and make sure your skin looks flawless. Keep your make up natural, you should already look beautiful. Avoid using strong soap and heavy foundation or powder, as this will strip skin of natural, healthy oils, which may lead to dry, flaky skin and block pores, leading to blackheads and spots.
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    Brush your teeth, mouth-wash, and floss three times a day. Carry gum and mints in your purse. No one wants to talk to someone with bad breath.
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    Don't dress in Hollister, Abercrombie, and Aero just to be popular! You can still wear those clothes but it probably wouldn't be good to just have a huge designer logo on your chest. If decide to wear designer labels make sure its not your whole wardrobe. For winter wear long sleeves and boots. Use thermals under clothes, to allow you to remove bulky coats without getting too cold, fashionable scarves, and some sweaters in darker shades. Plus, there are some inexpensive plain cream shirts at Walmart. For summer and spring wear dresses, but try to differ from the crowd a little, maybe experiment with bold prints and block colours or florals. Get several dresses, a variety of tanks or t-shirts (to avoid sowing bra straps), and some crop jackets. For shoes, try sandals, or sneakers, such as Converse All Stars.
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    Get the right Jeans: Dark wash jeans look expensive. Jeggings and skinnies are in, but can be hard to find for certain figures. Ripped jeans are can be used for a more grungy, or edgy look, make sure they don't go higher than your knee. Experiment with different styles, such as flare jeans, skinnies, boyfriend jeans, and capris.
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    Have several pairs of shoes, they can be gladiators, sneakers, and sandals. Avoid white, dirty, plain, old sandals. Have cute ones from Target, Payless, and Forever 21. Look in fashion magazines for inspiration. Avoid over wearing shoes, and try to mend any scuffs or tears before throwing them out.
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    Experiment with jewellery, such as necklaces,rings, and bracelets. Find come classic pearls some diamonds for a classier look.
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    Don't go overboard with your makeup. It's easy to find good, long lasting makeup if you're willing to spend a little more than perhaps may be usual. The bare essentials are foundation or tinted moisturizer that MATCHES your skin tone, setting powder, mascara, and lipgloss/lipstick. You can then add blusher, eye shadow and eyeliner etc. Try mixing between bold lip colour and natural eyes, and bold eye shadows, with a neutral lip. A good rule to stick by is bold lips or eyes, not both. For eye shadow, try to find bright colours that compliment your iris colour and skin tone, or try dark colours if you want to look a little more rock 'n' role.


  • Be different.
  • Be cute and classy.
  • Don't copy people.
  • Don't over-wear outfits, people will notice.
  • Dress like you represent your parents.


  • People will question your clothing.; take it as a compliment. if you don't want people wearing the same thing as you, try saying that it was a gift, or you bought it vintage.
  • If people try to copy you, just remember "Imitation is the greatest form of flattery".

Things You'll Need

  • A good selection of basics; jeans, simple skirts and tops. These can mostly be plain white or block colours, but feel free to use prints that blend well together, such as similar coloured striped and polka dots, or pale florals.
  • Several 'statement' pieces; such as dresses, and more extravagant tops and skirts. These should be able to be re-worn using the basic materials to create entirely different outfits.
  • Good quality hair and skin care products, and good quality make-up.
  • If wearing skirts and dresses often, a variety of nude, black and fashion tights or knee high socks.
  • A few coats or jackets that can be matched or contrasted with different outfits.

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