How to Be a Fashion Icon

Do you want to look great and be known as THE person who always looks amazing? If so you're in luck


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    Knowing how to dress is key. Buy magazines like Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Harper's Bazaar. Look at the pictures. Read the articles. Choose a few key looks that will suit your lifestyle and body type, and implement them into your current wardrobe. Make sure to put your own spin on a look. You can't be an icon if you're just copying Elle.
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    Write down a list of words you want to describe your look or vibe. Then, compare that list with the items from fashion magazines that you like, and that will suit you well.
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    Mix 'n' Match. Try mixing fashions like goth and geek, emo and jock, prep and punk.
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    Look in your closet, and donate anything you never used and will never use.
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    Buy accessories that mix well with what you have.
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    Get a few new shoes and sandals at a reasonably-priced store, like Payless (it's fashionable, and no one has to know). Steer clear of stores that turn out low-quality items. You want to be fashionable, not cheap. Fashion is about quality clothing that fit well, not cheap, flashy items.
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    Wear make-up! Think you don't need it? Well, even if you think you look pretty without make up you will be ten times prettier with it. Go to a makeup counter at a department store for a makeover. Some charge, but others don't. Listen closely to the tips they offer for your coloring and facial structure. If you can't afford to buy quality cosmetics, you will be able to find similar items at a drugstore or discount superstore. Items to splurge on: moisturizer, foundation,and mascara. Then, pick up cheaper eyeshadow, lip gloss/lipstick, blush, etc. on your next drugstore run.
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    Do your hair. Make sure to invest in quality hair care products. While paying $20 for shampoo may seem outlandish, if you have difficult hair it will make all the difference. Quality shampoo and conditioner can help compensate for hard water or previous poor treatment of hair. (If you haven't cut your hair in the past two months, it's time to visit the salon!) Depending on your facial structure, you will require a different hairstyle. A few things to keep in mind: poor color can ruin the greatest cut, and make sure to wash you hair regularly, but not every day (as this can damage your hair). Different hair types call for different washing routines. Audrey Hepburn only washed her hair once a week!
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    Make sure to compliment other stylish people, they will start noticing what you wear, and you will be more noticed. You don't have to Get rid of your friends, just try to make friends with some stylish people you like(only if they seem nice).
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    Here are some outfit suggestions.
    • a flowy skirt with a Camisole
    • a (preferably a color) colored shirt with white shorts or jeans and statement shoes
    • a crop top with high waist short shorts
    • a cute blouse with jeans or black pants is Always pretty


  • Keep in mind to dress appropriate and you'll rock out!
  • Confidence will boost your determination, and to be a fashion icon, you need determination.
  • Always have one small item that clashes with the rest of your outfit, like a blue necklace with a neutral top and bottom for example.
  • Define what a fashion icon really is. A fashion icon is a person that people admire and adore for outfits and looks. In other words, a fashion icon is a trendsetter. You are supposed to be a role model, so stay away from drugs and cigarettes. Drugs and cigarettes will destroy you as a fashion icon.
  • Keep a journal of all the clothes and accessories you wear daily.
  • Be a total risk-taker! You don't ALWAYS have to dress preppy and match everything!
  • Avoid buying clothes/accessories/shoes that are "in" right now. Chances are,they'll go out of style before you get to wear them. Buy more classic pieces that never go out of style, like jeans & invest in a few higher-end items.
  • Always balance your clothing. If you're wearing a bright and colourful top, wear a neutral bottom. same goes for makeup. Shocking red lips? Counter with soft eye colours.
  • Matching shoes and leather bags always make you look expensive and stylish!
  • Don't overdo the accessories. You'll see fashion models wear about 30 necklaces, but that's not always good. One to three necklaces, a bracelet and earrings are good. Try to make them match the style of the outfit.
  • wear accessories that complement your outfit.
  • try to find some celebrity role models to get outfit ideas from
  • Just because that celebrity wore that skimpy jumpsuit on TV the other week does not mean that you could wear it to go shopping on the highstreet.
  • Make your own fashion and it will always be yours!


  • also be kind or else people will not want to be near you.
  • Reading fashion magazines might help you to become a fashion icon. But use your own sense of style to pick out a Fashion Icon style.
  • Wearing anything that's too-tight never looks good. Don't be afraid to buy a larger size.
  • Don't be too cocky, confident, or obnoxious. To be a fashion icon, you have to set good examples.
  • You can't have too much color. Wear neutrals, dark and bright in matches.

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