wikiHow to Be a Detective (for Kids)

Have you ever wanted to be a detective? Well, are you a kid? Do people barely ever take you seriously? Well then, this article is for you.


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    It's better to do detective work in groups. Try to get somewhere between 1-4 people; in case you need help they will always be there for you.
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    Find a case. Some ideas are:
    • Someone's lost or stolen item.
    • A mysterious note.
    • A suspicious person or a group.
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    Start thinking clearly and logically. Analyze the case with your team but don't be too bossy. You should work together as a team.
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    Once you have a theory, investigate it!
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    When you think you have the suspect, make sure you have the right one. Don't accuse anyone without a good amount of evidence or you could get in super big trouble.
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    Once you've started a case, stay on it and don't chicken out.


  • Remember that there might be multiple suspects, clues, and motives.
  • If you get stuck in your investigations, try approaching from a different angle.
  • Start small, then go bigger.
  • Don't tell anyone you are a detective; that would blow your cover and ruin the whole thing.
  • Stay fit. If you've got a runner then you need to go after them.
  • Consider assigning code names so no one but your team knows who you are.
  • Carry around a phone or walkie-talkie so that you can report back to your group if you find any clues.


  • Have fun, but stay safe.
  • Don't brag about your abilities, be modest.
  • If you see something which is a real crime immediately inform the police.
  • Remember you are not the Hardy Boys, and can get into trouble, so be careful.
  • Don't try to get involved in dangerous cases.

Things You'll Need

  • A pad of paper (for writing clues or suspects in)
  • A sleuth kit [For storing all the sleuth tools]
  • A camera
  • A mechanical pencil (not pen incase you have to erase)
  • mechanical pencil leads
  • A measuring tape
  • A torch, flashlight, or lantern
  • A soft cloth (for picking up evidence)
  • Some plastic baggies (for putting evidence in)
  • Some tweezers (for picking up evidence)
  • A small brush (for taking the dirt off.)
  • A magnifying glass ( for watching the clues closely )

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