How to Be a Detective, Without Being Detected

If you want to be a detective, here are some tips to being one, without being detected.


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    Act Normal. If your main suspect is your parent, then be sure to do what you normally do. Let's say after dinner, you always watch TV in the living area. Well, don't be afraid to do that! You shouldn't hide out in your room.
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    Take notes. A good detective always has notes! Take notes about the person's behavior, and see if there are any changes. If someone catches you taking them, just tell them that you're just randomly writing, or doing homework or extra credit.
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    Be prepared to investigate at night. Is there a certain place this person keeps things? Like an office, or study, or even their room? About an hour before your bedtime (if you have one) get supplies and things ready. Make a map of your house, and add any escape routes, or hiding spots. You might also need a flashlight, if you're ready to do some investigating. If the person does have an office or study, you might want to take your notebook, to write down things. You do NOT want to take any of their personal belongings, they might notice that something is gone, and they will get suspicious. Make sure to wear whatever you would wear when you go to sleep. Stay in your room until everyone is asleep, and do not turn on the flashlight near anyone's bedroom. If they have an office or study, just begin to look for any clues to your mystery. Don't be loud, and don't take long. If you have to investigate someone's room, this is a bad idea, especially if someone is asleep in it. If they are a very heavy sleeper, then you might be safe. If they are a heavy sleeper, go quick. You do not want to get caught in their room, if they wake up.
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    Expect the unexpected. Never doubt your suspects. The person you think is innocent, could be behind the whole thing.
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    Do not get caught. Obviously, if you get caught, the jig is up. You could face consequences, wherever you were investigating. In school, perhaps detentions, or suspension, or just a stern talk with your mother. At home, you might get grounded.
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    Lie. Yes, if you want to be a successful detective without being caught, you have to lie. If you're caught sneaking around at night, don't spill the truth and beg for forgiveness. Simply tell whoever it is, any of the following: I needed water, I had a bad dream (if you are in their room, tell them you had a bad dream and that you were going to tell them, or if it's a sibling, say you just wanted to check if you were still there because it felt so real.) Or, I couldn't sleep.
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    Have a base. Yes, no matter how corny that sounds, you have to have a place where you can keep everything. A place where nobody will figure out. Your room is the best place, however, your suspects could simply walk in, take a look at your notes, and bust you. Find a place where nobody would really look.
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    Only confront your suspect, when you have PROOF they are the culprit. Accusing someone of a crime no matter how big or small without proof, is wrong. If you only have a page of notes about the mystery and this suspect, that is totally not enough. Again, you could face consequences depending on where you are. If you're accusing someone of something big, like a crime, you could get into serious trouble.


  • Always carry your notebook, and pen/pencil whenever you can
  • Always get more than one way of proof. (Video, Notes, Voice Recording, or maybe them just admitting it)
  • Girls(and guys), Always carry some makeup on you. Never know when you need to search for fingerprints!
  • Have a bag with you, so you can carry important supplies: i.e; Flashlight, cell phone, snack (you never know!) etc.


  • If you get caught snooping during the day, there are hardly any excuses. You might get caught, and if you do, you could get into trouble. But if you have your own excuse, use it!

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