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Deathcore kids, more commonly known as fans of deathcore.. They tend to be less focused on fashion and more so on music (primarily death metal, hardcore, metalcore and—of course—deathcore bands).


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    Know your music! After all, the primary aspect to the style of deathcore is the music genre of deathcore. Before you get into the music, though, first you must find it. Two great sites that are used for discovering new music are and Purevolume has top artist/song charts sorted by genre that are perfect for discovering awesome bands. Since Purevolume doesn't actually have "deathcore" as a genre option, try looking up the top artists for "deathcore," "metalcore," "grindcore", or "cybergrind" & mixes of those genres. On, you can type a certain genre into the search bar and listen to a radio stream that's nothing but that genre (and, unlike Purevolume, has almost every music genre one could possibly imagine)! As far as an actual list of bands goes, this is a pretty good one to look at. Also, don't be afraid to ask around your town about the local music scene.
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    Get the clothes. Ear gauges, jeans, dark hoodies and deathcore shirts are often worn, and are usually the main staple of the deathcore wardrobe. V-necks are quite the deathcore staple with both genders but remember that band t shirts are a must. Shoes are usually kept at black Vans classics or slip-ons, although white sneakers are very popular as well. For girls, keep jewelry either black or silver, and to a minimum. Try also getting long, shaggy hair otherwise you can have short and messy hair or a buzz cut if you don't want long hair. Baseball caps are also good.
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    Get ear gauges. Ear gauges are really common in deathcore.
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    Listen to deathcore music. Bands include Whitechapel, Job for a Cowboy (pre-Genesis), Suicide Silence, Carnifex, Chelsea Grin, Oceano, Emmure, Bring Me the Horizon (early), A Different Breed of Killer, Despised Icon, Kill Whitney dead, Arsonists Get All the Girls, See You Next Tuesday, Thy Art is Murder, Rose Funeral, Impending Doom (new), Red Chord, Red Shore, Veil of Maya, Born of Osiris, Cryptopsy (2008), Winds of Plague, Make Them Suffer, The Faceless (early), As Blood Runs Black, Suffokate, Annotations of an Autopsy, We Butter the Bread With Butter, Waking the Cadaver, ...About a Plane Crash, Through the Eyes of the Dead, Upon a Burning Body, All Shall Perish, Here Comes the Kraken, Catalepsy, Salt the Wound and Deadwater Drowning.
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    Go to shows. Go on a website like ticket master and find concerts to go to.
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    Understand that deathcore is a fusion of death metal and beatdown hardcore. It has hardcore-style breakdowns, death metal riffs, blast beats and growled vocals. Bands like the Black Dahlia Murder are NOT deathcore. They are melodic death metal.


  • Know your stuff before talking about music. You don't want to look like a poser.
  • When looking for music, don't limit yourself to just deathcore. Branch your playlist out to many different music such as death metal, beatdown hardcore, metalcore, progressive metal, death-grinder, grindcore and even slam metal.
  • Make sure this is something you really want to do.


  • It's inevitable--you will be judged, frowned upon, and probably discriminated against at least once because of the way you look/dress and the music you listen to. Don't let any of that get to you; keep your head high.
  • Don't look at deathcore as scene like some do. Scene music is stuff like Millionaires, Brokencyde and Breathe Carolina. Don't call it emo either. Emo is music like Saves the Day, Funeral for a Friend and I Hate Myself
  • Some will mistake you for an emo kid or even a scene kid. Don't get angry or correct them or anything like that. Just blow it off and play it cool; you know exactly who you are.
  • If this is a drastic change from the way you are now, be prepared to lose a couple of friends over it. Chances are, though, that if they can't accept you for whatever you may be, then they're not genuine friends.
    • On that note, make the change gradually. Everyone knows that a person can't wake up one morning and suddenly have an obsession with Suicide Silence.

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  • iPod/MP3/etc with deathcore music in it.

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