How to Be a Dandy

Dandies were late 18th and 19th century 'fashionistas' - of the male sex. The style and influences had a revival in the 1980s with the New Romantic scene, but have other than that had a hard time surviving in the modern world when the masculine is so highly praised among men, and femininity and fashion have almost died. This article is here for the few men left who would like to be dandy.


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    Be Confident. Don't be scared of what others will think - take pride in who you are instead and love yourself and your new style. As Adam Ant once said: "Ridicule is nothing to be scared of."
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    Be fashionable. Dandies are quite flamboyant in their fashion. Wear romantic clothing with a fashionable touch and develop your own style. Look into the history books (or Google if you wish) and find images of what dandies used to look like - both in the 19th century and the 80's. You can also read books and watch movies that have a more romantic image. Pick and choose what you like from history, art and, of course, your own imagination. Only you set the limits to your own dandy-ness.
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    Groom yourself. Dandies set no limits to personal hygiene. There is absolutely nothing wrong with perfume - pick and choose from both the men and female fragrances.
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    Get a haircut, or let it grow. The point is that you must take care of your hair. Never once will you see a dandy without good hair, and many of them will have grown their hair long.
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    Use makeup. Yes, you must. At least a little bit. Find your personal style and determine how far you want to go with it.
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    Learn how to speak properly. You must not only dress the part; the way you speak is a great part of your personality. Be confident, yet refined in your language, and find your own personal style. An English accent is wonderful, if you can pull it off.
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    Take serious things lightly, and light things seriously. Big issues like politics, economy and such should always be discussed with a smile and some emotional detachment, but when it comes to your love-life, fashion and other less important things, be dead serious and slightly more emotional.
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    Be who you are. Don't try to fill your new clothes with a new personality. You should still be yourself.


  • Mixing modern and historical fashion can be fun and very fashionable, if done correctly.
  • Easing into your new style is a good idea; especially if the people that surround you might be prejudice or judge you.
  • Female dandies are called 'dandyesses' or 'dandizettes', and are quite rare. This is not the same thing as a 'quaintraielle', which is a different style that has evolved parallel to 'dandyism'.
  • Read up on dandies. A good place to start is Wikipedia.


  • People might not take you seriously.
  • People might mock you.

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