How to Be a Dallas Cowboys Fan

The Dallas Cowboys are a National Football League team based in Dallas, TX. If you are a die-hard from birth or a newcomer, this article will provide information from the very basic and on to help you be the best fan possible.


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    Honor the greats. The Dallas Cowboys have a rich NFL history and many of the sports’ greats have played on this team. For example, “Dandy” Don Meredith, who passed away at age 72 on Dec. 5, 2010, played for the Cowboys from 1960-1968 and was an early star of the franchise. He became starting quarterback in 1965, but his greatest legacy comes from being one of the three original members of the Monday Night Football on-air broadcast team. He retired in 1984 and is remembered as one of the most popular sports broadcasters. The full history of great past Cowboys can take pages to get through. Instead, here is a list of people to familiarize yourself with:
    • Emmitt Smith - Running Back, 1990-2002
    • Troy Aikman - Quarterback, 1989-2000
    • Michael Irvin - Wide Receiver, 1988-1999
    • Tony Dorsett - Running Back, 1977-1987
    • Roger Staubach - Quarterback, 1969-1979
    • Bob Hayes - Wide Receiver, 1965-1975
    • Mel Renfro - Defensive Back, 1964-1978
    • Rayfield Wright - Offensive Tackle, 1967-1979
    • Bob Lilly - Defensive Tackle Deluxe, 1961-1975
    • Deion Sanders - Defensive Back, 1995-1999
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    Know the key players now. There is a lot to learn about Cowboys history, but before that, familiarize yourself with the big names on the current Cowboys roster. This way, you are ready to cheer like a pro for the next game. To start, there is quarterback Tony Romo, who holds the fourth highest passer rating in NFL history. Tight End Jason Witten is considered to be one of the best currently playing, and the Cowboys have one of the best young receivers in the game in Dez Bryant.
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    Say “How bout them Cowboys?” to fellow fans. There are a lot of things involved in behaving like a Cowboys fan, such as wearing team colors (royal blue and silver), but this phrase is tradition. Said after a win, the phrase “How bout them Cowboys” is generally attributed to Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson. Be careful--while this phrase is beloved by fans, it has been used by rivals to insult the Cowboys in their weaker moments.
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    Trash the Rivals. Poking fun at rivals is a must. The Dallas Cowboys hate on and are hated by fans of many teams, but the following are the most significant:
    • Washington Redskins. This rivalry goes as far back as the first meeting between the two teams in 1960, though the Cowboys have been fairly dominant in recent history, going 14-7 since 2000. Cowboys lead the all-time series 59-40.
    • Philadelphia Eagles. Cowboys and Eagles fans are a volatile blend. This series is full of close games and bitter post-season match-ups. Cowboys lead 55-43.
    • New York Giants. The Cowboys also lead the all-time series (55-40), with the Giants and picked up one of their 4 wins this season on Nov. 14th in NY. However, the Giants bested the Cowboys in their only playoff meeting in 2007. That is but one of the reasons this rivalry has become even more bitter in recent history.
    • There are more rivalries to get immersed in, but knowing these three is essential.
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    Stick with them through thick and thin. It’s the hallmark of any true fan: being there when times are rough. It’s easy to be a fan when a team is winning, but it is when things go south that a team needs its fans the most. As a fan, you are entitled to criticize and complain about the Cowboys if you feel something is being done wrong. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t defend the Cowboys to rival fans who seek to take advantage of a weak moment by making jokes at the Cowboys’ expense. And as with any “rough patch,” it will pass, and there can still be some classic moments along the way (like the thrilling Dec. 5 38-35 win over the Indianapolis Colts in overtime, in which the Cowboys pulled it together for a dramatic victory to prove doubters wrong.
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    Visit the Cowboys. Tickets to see Dallas games are expensive, but a true fan can usually find a way around that problem.

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