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Ever watched one of those movies with those unattractive, geeky girls who are really smart? A geeky girl isn't necessarily "ugly". People just assume they are because they stay in all day and study. Don't worry, you can be cute and geeky at the same time. Just read on to learn how to become smart, pretty, and popular. It's possible, these days, and quite easy, too!

Method 1

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    Read! If you're a geeky girl, you're a smart girl. Books give you lots of knowledge, making you smarter every time you end that last page. Reading can actually be a fun and interesting activity, if you choose the right books. Try reading different genres of books, and finding your favourite one. Reading passes lots of time, so try to read as often as possible.
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    Get good grades. A geeky girl should be a straight A student, or at least a mostly A, only one or two Bs student. To get good grades, put a lot of effort into your studies, it will pay off in the future. Pay attention in class, keep organized, study hard for tests, try your best, do your homework, participate in class, and don't procrastinate. Try to ace all your tests, and work hard!
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    Stay indoors. Geeky girls don't usually like to go out too much, and tend to like to stay home and study.[citation needed] This is completely fine, and isn't entirely unhealthy, as long as you go out every once in a while just for some fun and fresh air. But try to be an indoor person, and have fun indoors, too! Geeky girls aren't really sporty nor obsessed with nature, so enjoy the indoors, it's worth it.[citation needed]
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    Have geeky interests. All geeky interests are indoors, so try to stay indoors, and practice them as often as possible.[citation needed] This includes video games, writing in a journal, reading, studying, and mastering computer science. This means you have to excel in Math, English, and Art, because you need to know words, know equations, and be creative. Video games, computers, and TV's are your BFF. Cherish them forever and ever!

Method 2

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    Have good hygiene. In the movies, geeky girls tend to have bad hygiene,[citation needed] which is totally untrue, if you're a cute geeky girl. Shower every day, and wash your hair every two days. Keep your body clean at all times, and brush your teeth twice a day, as well as flossing once a day, at night. Use a nice loofa and body wash, and a nourishing shampoo, it pays off.
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    Wear cute clothes. Don't be too girly, and actually try to be a slight tomboy. Wear anything comfortable and cute. Oversized sweaters, T-shirts, and nighties are comfortable. Don't wear anything tight and revealing, because you're just not that. Shop at H&M, Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, and Aeropostale. Your wardrobe is cute, comfy, and chill.
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    Have great hair. Get a suitable haircut for a geek, but it has to be cute, so don't cut it boy short, like a pixie cut, or Miley's blonde pixie. The shortest you can go is to your shoulders. If you cut it to your shoulders, make sure it's cute and sort of like a perky bob or sort of loose and flowy. Geeks also like to keep their hair long, or medium length. Medium length is probably your best choice. Also, comb it if you have short hair, and style it nicely if you have medium/long.
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    Accessorize. Cute, geeky girls always know how to accessorize! You should be wearing glasses, and if you do, wear sort of big, attention-catching ones or unique, perky ones. Try to stick with plain black. Also, don't wear flashy jewelry, and stick to hair ties on your wrist, okay?


  • Smile a lot, and laugh a lot too.
  • Wear minimal makeup, concealer, mascara, and lip gloss, boom.
  • Try to be nice to everyone, and make lots of friends.
  • Keep a journal where you write all your thoughts.
  • Read any kind of book, and I mean, any book you want to read.


  • Be yourself, an original is always better than a copy.

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