How to Be a Corpse Bride for Halloween

Corpse brides are the perfect thing for Halloween! However, you will need some originality to make your outfit extra special and Halloween friendly. This article will show you how to be a unique bride with a gruesome twist.


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    Make a story to go along with your bride, and sketch out ideas that go along with her story. This will keep your outfit cohesive, and it will also help you to pick out a dress. Ask yourself these questions:
    • Did she die in a forest a bedroom or a basement?
    • What time period did she come from?
    • Was she rich or poor?
    • Was she really in love with her fiancé?
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    Wear a long torn, tatty dress. A long, Gothic dress could work well. If you don't have one in your closet, look in a thrift shop; since you might be tattering it up, one with a stain will work fine. Don't spend a fortune on your dress unless you plan to wear it more than once. Keep in mind that you will be walking around all night, so a three foot train won't be such a good idea. Remember that brides usually wear white, but don't be limited to it. Go black for an extra-spooky look or choose a dirty faded color. Smudges and even fake blood can add a corpse bride look to any dress.
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    Don't wear trainers, unless the dress covers them. You're best off going with boots or ballet flats. Heels aren't the best option for going trick-or-treating because you'll be walking around, so comfortable shoes are a must. If you have an old pair of shoes, you could even spray paint and distress them to match your dress. If your dress is mainly white, paint the train or bottom a decaying black colour, and add a blueish hue to the upper half with watercolour paints.
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    Make up should add an extra dimension; either pale white facial powder or face paint would be perfect. If you have arms or neck exposed, powder them white to match your face. You might want to do this before you put on your dress to avoid getting powder all over your costume. Adding fake blood for effect would make a nice finish, and adding a black eye or some fake eyelashes is OK too. Keep in mind that it will be dark so you can overload your face with makeup without worrying.For your lips just paint the middle parts of them, leaving out the two sides.
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    Do your hair; Do you want it to be long, short, black, blonde? Dye your hair if necessary, or buy a wig. If you want, mess your hair up or add twigs to make it look like you died violently in a forest. If your hair is dark/black (or if you temporarily dye it dark for Halloween), try sprinkling white talcum powder into parts of it for a long-dead look.


  • Make a bouquet of dead flowers. Brides hold flowers, she is a bride and has been dead, so the flowers would be dead too! Just go out and collect some dead flowers and long grass and tie them together then leave them for a few days to look really withered and old.
  • If you do wear white, remember to dirty it up!
  • Make your hair really messy to make you like a dead bride.
  • If you want a more ghostly look, add a bit of light blue face paint. Cover your face with a thick layer of white powder, then add the blotches of face paint.
  • Add your own style to your outfit.
  • Remember to accommodate to the weather. You won't want to be walking around in a sleeveless dress if it's 5 °C (41 °F) outside. Likewise, long sleeves in 40 degree weather won't work out so well either.


  • Be careful with the face-paint, it may smudge.
  • Apply makeup before putting on your dress or you run the risk of getting makeup on your dress.

Also if you are styling your hair don't get where anything that smells nice as it will make you smell fresh not dead!

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