How to Be a Cool Girl in Fifth Grade

Ever feel like you are ignored? How about treated differently? Do you feel like you can change in any way to make yourself feel better, or perhaps, more cool?


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    Be genuine. Treat others with kindness and be as friendly as possible to others, but stay "real". Don't act like you are someone else. Be who you truly are!
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    Wear creative clothes. Be the trend setter. Wear casual clothes that look cute, such as brand-name clothes.
    • Make sure you wear matching clothes and don't try mixing crazy colors. But if you think the colors match, go ahead!
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    Play sports, take on a hobby, or join a club you like. This will get you involved in things outside of school and in your home. You have to care about school, but you also have to allow yourself to participate in extracurricular or out-of-school activities, too. Do a sport that involves your interests, like swimming, gymnastics or soccer.
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    Have good hygiene. Nobody likes dirty hair, smelly armpits, or stinky feet.
    • Take showers or baths at home regularly. Shower with gel soap or just any ordinary bar soap (showers at school are good too!) Try brushing your teeth two times a day, nobody likes yellow teeth or bad breath at all!
    • Use deodorant like "Secret" or "Degree" if necessary.
    • Always carry a Kleenex in your pocket, or somewhere nearby. You definitely do not want to be in a situation where you have a runny nose and don't have anything to stop it except your fingers.
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    React calmly in embarrassing situations. Imagine this: You're walking out with your lunch and then, oops, drop your napkin, then you pick it up when, oops, dropped your fork. When you get to the milk accounts you slip on a wet floor, and pizza gets all over your shirt. Do not ever get up, throw away the pizza, and rush to the bathroom. Just laugh about it. It will make all embarrassing things go away. Always look like your life is perfect just the way it is. But don't laugh too much or people will think you are weird.
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    Do not be a follower, or else you will be looking up to someone for the rest of your life! If you find someone cool, and you have something in common, try talking to them.
    • Never depend on other popular girls.
    • Don't hang out in cliques. Usually cliques make others feel bad, and then nobody will like you.
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    Don't take sides. If some girls are in an emotional fight, stay out of it. If you take sides, you may end up getting into trouble.
    • Do not tattle. Tattling just shows you are a little baby who tells on people! Cool girls do not tattle. But, if there really is a situation where you need to tell an adult that something is wrong, do so. There is a difference between tattling and doing the right thing by reporting something.
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    Host hangouts and parties. Always be a great hostess. Popcorn, movies, Truth or Dare, and dancing are some of the things you can do, have, or watch at a sleep over. Don't throw too many parties, and don't send out invites if only two people can make it. It'll make you look socially inept.
    • Try finding a great game you can play, and be the center of attention! Not a desperate center, but a cool relaxed center.
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    Act sophisticated. Do not be too wild or crazy. Be a little sophisticated and mature. If you're wild and crazy all the time, it gets really annoying and nobody will like you. Be too serious, and people will think you're boring and nobody will come to anything you host. Somewhere in the middle.
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    Use a little technology to help you come off as cool. Have a cool phone case and make sure to have a passcode so nobody can see your personal stuff, like text messages.
    • Have a variety of cool music, including whoever is most popular at your school (also have more than one singer). Have a lot of songs!
    • Add everyone you know and have cool apps that people use (Instagram, Minecraft, etc.). Also have an app where you can send people stuff (like online cards or something). In addition have a cute, sophisticated up-to-date picture of yourself. Do not reveal too much or try to look older than you are in these photos, there are creeps online who search for that. You can be cool without attention-seeking through makeup or revealing clothes. Also, only add friends. And don't make your password obvious like your name, last name, or best friend's name.
    • If someone sends you a mean email, IM, or text, just brush it off. Even if it bothers you, tell them that you don't care and block them from contacting you online.
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    Make genuine friendships. Having lots of high-class friends is not a necessity for being cool.
    • Try not be friends with the mean girls. Don't be mean back to them either. In the end, they'll be the ones in trouble.
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    Be confident. Girls like to have a best friend who is sure of herself. If you're insulted, just reply with a snarky comeback, or an amused look, and walk away. If you're mad at that person, even though you had a good dis, have a party. That'll cheer you up and if you're really feeling up to it, have sleepovers and cool activities once every week.


  • Never let someone down when they're depending on you. Stay true to your word and go through with your promises.
  • Stand up for others. If you see someone being bullied, stand up for them and you might make a new friend or two. Don't join in on the bullying or watch as it happens without doing anything. It's not cool.
  • Carry something in your backpack to clean up stained clothes, such as hand sanitizer, baby wipes, etc. Stained clothes could be embarrassing.
  • Always stay up-to-date with everything going on in the social world in your school.
  • Don't try to downgrade other people, or you will just look mean!
  • Try wearing leggings under shorts with cute sweaters in the winter to be super cute!
  • Absolutely, under no circumstance, never copy someone else.
  • Be kind. Nobody likes a mean girl.
  • Wear cute clothes. Be unique!
  • Don't let people bully you. Try to stand up to them yourself. If you get scared or the situation becomes dangerous, report them to your parents or teachers before the bullies start harassing you regularly.
  • Never change to make yourself fit in more. If you want to be the person you are today, don't let anyone bring you down. You're perfect!
  • Don't think that you have to buy a fancy phone or clothes. The key to being cool is to be confident.
  • You definitely don't have to be rich. People love you for who you are.
  • Don't wear an excessive amount of makeup, as you are only in 5th grade. It will also cause acne. You can apply cream, to act like concealer or BB Cream.

But, if you were to wear makeup then be sure that you wash it off before you go home,because makeup should not dry on for approximately eight hours. Check with your school if it is okay to wear makeup.

  • Never change who you are just to make other people happy.


  • Remember, just because you're popular doesn't mean everyone will like you.
  • If people keep unintentionally insulting you about something because you keep shrugging it off and they don't realize what they're doing, tell them to stop.
  • Make sure to not be mean. Being mean won't help you get more friends, it will just help you lose more friends, so be careful.

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