How to Be a Complete Loner

Some people do not trust the outside world and prefer to enjoy life in solitude. If that sounds like you, maybe it's time to become a loner.


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    Get rid of anything that connects you with the outside world. Delete your accounts on social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
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    Always find a place to do your activities alone. When possible, sit at an empty table.
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    Keep yourself occupied. You must always have something to do in order to avoid a conversation. It's best you have an iPod, marbles, playing cards or a gaming system.
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    Do not get involved with anything. No clubs, school student groups, house parties, anything. Remember to be truly alone you must isolate yourself from any social contact.
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    Change your appearance. Wear all dark colors (black, gray, brown.) Having a dull appearance keeps people from approaching you. Dye your hair a dark color and style it to cover your face. This also steers people away from making conversation with you.
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    Stay in your personal bubble. Keep your head down and pretend not to hear those around you.
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    Listen to dark devil music.


  • Do not be a complete loner all at once this would be to much of a drastic change. People would get worried or freaked out and you will get made fun of.
  • Don't try to complain to people. Don't whine. This is what you wanted to be.
  • You should learn to keep your self entertained if you're used to people talking or being with you a lot. Because your going to be alone. Do something with your time like, reading, drawing, and television.
  • If you want to date school will be hard for that, unless there's a guy who loves you for you. Being a loner is a turn-off because people never know who what you're like inside.


  • It will be hard to make new friends.
  • It will be hard to get back to your old self again, you might never get back.
  • Once you become a loner you lose all of your friends.

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