How to Be a Clown in Your Family

Everyone has a family member that brightens the mood at almost any occasion. This is a position that comes to some naturally, and with others requires effort. Here are some steps to help you be a family clown.


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    Be yourself. If you are naturally unfunny, don't try to model yourself after someone who is. You need to be able to recite comical stories and make last-second jokes if you want to be the family clown.
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    When in doubt, don't say it. It's atrocious how many bombed (dead-end) jokes have occurred. If you feel like the joke is not going to hit off well, then don't say it. Sometimes it is OK to take a chance and go ahead, but when in doubt, keep it to yourself.
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    Incorporate sarcasm and emphasis into your jokes. This will add life to them and will clear up how the joke is meant to be taken. For instance: "Michael ran off to the store after that, faster then my dog does after a new chew toy" does not sound funny, but when emphasized correctly and a few extra syllables: "Michael ran off SO FAST after that happened, so fast that not even my dog chases a NEW CHEW TOY that fast!" Where sarcasm comes in: "Michael ran off so fast" could actually be interpreted as "Michael jogged" depending on the person.
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    Make sure that it is appropriate! Don't joke about your cousin's choice in women/men at his/her funeral!
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    Watch humorous shows more. Watching funnier shows can improve your sense of humor. However, don't plagiarize their material!
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    Don't be mean about your jokes. There is a fine line between being funny and being mean, and this line is different for each person. However, make sure that it's all in good fun!
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    Most importantly lighten your mood! Have you ever seen an audience laugh at a serious sad comedian? Well, maybe it has been done but nine times out of ten, no! Remember, smiling can make all the difference between hitting it off well and bombing it.
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    Rehearse. Sometimes the best thing to do is to practice. Stand in front of a mirror and do some improvisation stand up, or make a list of jokes to memorize.


  • Be yourself!
  • Be careful on what you say.
  • Be prepared for anything that could happen.
  • Rehearse yourself in the mirror.
  • Follow up any joke that might have been taken offensively with a compliment.


  • Understand that while there is a time and place for this, it can also be considered inappropriate at times, and can also become a "role" that you can become trapped in.
  • Make sure it is appropriate before you say it, or when you say it.It could make you look like a jerk depending on time and content.

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