How to Be a Cheerleader (Youth)

Do you constantly fantasize about being a cheerleader? Make your dream a reality! Cheerleading requires hard work and determination.


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    Learn about Cheer. Many think it is just something the popular, pretty girls do. This is NOT true. Yes, it can make you popular, due to exposure to the social scene but it is a hard sport! You need to be strong, flexible, and have a good attitude.
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    Start the road. It takes a while to become a good cheerleader. Before even trying out or looking for a squad or team, you have to get in shape. Being fit is HUGE. There are definitely larger cheerleaders- it`s not about being skinny! But you need to be strong and healthy, so exercise every second day (cheer is an exercise itself), and try to eat well limiting yourself to a small treat a week. Please do NOT eat less or starve yourself. It makes you frail, weak, and diminishes all your energy, not making for a good cheerleader. The ones you see that are skinny is due to exercise and a good diet.
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    Work on flexibility. This comes in TIME. Most are not flexible right from the start. Being in gymnastics is a great stepping stone. Try to get a little farther in the splits and leg lifts (forward) a lot but don`t push your limits or you could get injured. ESPECIALLY stretch after a bath, shower, or hot tub, massage, sauna, etc.
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    JUMP JUMP JUMP! Try to do tuck jumps a lot, they are easy, fun, a workout, and improve your jumps a lot. Do toe-touches. this is where you jump and your legs go to the sides. Can't touch them in the air? Fine! A lot of us can`t, including me! Just try your best.
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    Safety. My cheer coach`s number one rule is NO PRACTICING STUNTS without a supervisor, with proper surroundings or you can get hurt. Jumps, rolls, and dances are fine to practice on your own time.
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    Find a team! Decide what you're into- school (cheering for sports) or competitive cheerleading (an out of school team that goes to competitions). If your school has a squad, that is a good place to start, to see if you like it. If you're not good at first, that is NORMAL!! You will get discouraged, but you improve very quickly, so do not give up!
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    Roles. Even, if you have a role in mind (flyer, base, back, etc.) it is up to the coach to determine where you'd be best. Don`t be afraid to tell the coach what you have in mind, but respect their decision no matter what.
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    If you made the team, congrats! If not, oh well. You gave it your best shot. DON'T GIVE UP!! Practice and practice and try again! You'll make it eventually! YOU WILL NEVER get ANYWHERE by giving up in life.
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    In the end. So, your on the squad, have a uniform, how do you feel? Happy, excited, nervous? Cheerleading is a great way to make friends. Make conversation, complement a team member, or just exude confidence! (NOT cockiness!) If you find out you actually DON'T like cheer, tell the coach right away.


  • Remember the first half of cheerleading, CHEER! Ever seen a cheerleader stomping around huffing and puffing at a game? No way. A bad attitude can even get you suspended or expelled from the squad!

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