How to Be a Casual Lolita at a Young Age

If you are interested in taking on the lifestyle of a well-mannered, elegantly dressed, fun-lover, this article is most definitely for all ages.


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    Ask yourself why you want to be a Lolita in the first place. Are you looking to fit in with a certain crowd? Impress or grab the attention of someone at school? If either of these answer the question, becoming a Lolita is not for you. Especially if it's for a boy you like. Even if you're aiming for a huge personality tweak, don't pretend to be something you're not. The transformation is mainly a fresh wardrobe, the gift of sugar-coated traits and a sweetened outlook on life; which is something every dedicated lolita should obtain!
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    Know that the dress code of Casual Lolitas is simply a watered-down version of 'Sweet Lolitas'. This is to make it a little less extreme and more of an everyday look; which is a pretty good choice for the younger members of the Lolita culture. It's nice to have a bit of variety in your wardrobe, so it caters for all seasons, temperatures and moods.
    • Blouses, long and short-sleeved look and feel great all year-long. For summer, flip-flops and a cute, shady hat are classic and comfortable.
    • Realize the importance of matching shoes. They can make or break an entire outfit! Converse don't go very well with the whole concept of 'elegance', so be sure to pick up some black and white pairs of Mary Jane's.
    • As for socks, stockings, knee-highs, above the knee and ankle socks are perfectly casual and look especially cute when they have designs and are worn with skirts and dresses (both of which should be layered).
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    If you wear make-up, don't cake it on your face. Light concealer, lip gloss, eye-liner and/or gentle pink blush is all you should apply.
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    When it comes to hair, it always looks best volumized and shiny. Hair of every texture, color, and length can look adorable with the right accessories and styling. Scrunchies, barrettes, and headbands with bows are perfect! If your hair is dry or oily, never fear! There are many products that can help it achieve a state of regularity.
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    As silly as it may sound, practice smiling in a mirror! Keep working on a subtle smile until it becomes natural in everyday situations. It's polite to smile when someone looks at you and after doing certain well-mannered things; such as opening doors for people.
    • Manners play a very big role in all of this. It's best to avoid swearing completely, but if it's become a habit for you, at least make an effort to cut back on it. Burping during a meal and playing with your food displays poor table-manners and should be worked on accordingly. Remember to sit up straight and use the words 'please' and 'thank you'.
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    Show consideration. Remembering friends' birthdays and bringing home-made cupcakes shows a lot of gratitude towards them and makes them feel special. Even if you aren't the best baker around, it's the thought that counts. Another thing you can do is give cards to friends on special occasions (such as Easter or Christmas)! It's a lot nicer to hand-craft these cards, but buying them is also an option.
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    You're beautiful! Remember it, no matter what other people say!


  • Remember: The whole point is not to look 'hot' or 'sexy', but cute! So you shouldn't show any cleavage and should avoid clothes that are revealing.
  • There's a fine line between being kawaii (meaning 'cute' in Japanese) and a weeaboo. You can sprinkle Japanese words into your vocabulary sparingly, but anymore than a couple is too many.
  • Make sure to ease into the fashion, rather than suddenly replacing most of your usual outfits with Lolita. There's no need to rush.

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