How to Be a Bright Child in School

Everyone wants to be a bright child in school. Being bright involves not only being a great student but also excelling in non-academic areas too, like extracurricular and social activities.


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    Complete all your homework and class assignments. If you have to do it on a computer, take out a few hours from all your other websites and do your work. Make sure that you have a comfortable environment to work in.
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    Create a good environment at home to support your school success. Being bright at school requires hard work at home, too. Make sure you have somewhere comfortable to complete your assignments, review your subjects, and study for exams.
    • Be sure you have somewhere to work that's free of distractions. Focusing on your assignments without getting distracted by friends, siblings, technology, or other factors will help you get higher grades and learn more.
    • It can help to ensure you have a comfortable environment that's the right temperature, too. In the summer, have a quiet, cool climate with air coolers and a cold drink. In the winter, have a quiet, warm space with heaters and hot chocolate (or the hot beverage you prefer).
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    Stay organized. Keep your materials neat and clean. Being organized and neat will help you complete your assignments more efficiently, avoid losing important materials, and streamline your learning. Making sure that your assignments, supplies, and self are neat and clean also creates a better impression for your teachers and classmates.
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    Do activities that challenge you. Once you build your skills in a given area, participate in contests against other talented people in your field. Whether it's a dance competition or a spelling bee, participating in competitions that challenge you is a great way to shine.
    • Be a good sport as you compete. Although you will get some envious people, learn to get them on your side. Console them and encourage them. Behave like you wanted them to win. If you end up losing your contest, don't be a sore loser; appreciate the chance you had to compete, and congratulate the winners.
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    Look after your health and self. While looking good isn't directly related to being bright or intelligent, being hygienic and healthy is a good step in helping you succeed, in life in general and at school. If you take care of yourself and stay healthy, you'll miss fewer days of school, have more energy for your classes and other activities, and look better, too.
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    Be friendly and approachable. Being kind to all the people around your school will help you be a star on campus. Always keep a smile ready for the people you know - and even those you don't.
    • Building friendly connections with people around school can end up helping your academics and performance in extracurricular activities, too. The more people you have "in your corner" and on your side, the more people you can ask for help when you need it. If you find you need tutoring, assistance, or other support, you'll have more people willing to help you out if you're generally likable and approachable.
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    Impress your teachers. Being personable, curious, and dedicated to your learning will help you shine in your teachers' eyes. Without being annoying to the teachers or irritating to your classmates, try to become your teacher's pet.

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