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Love books? Want to learn how to love books? Then, start reading this handy how-to!


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    Visit your local library often. The library is the heart of a true Bookworm's soul! Spend your leisure time visiting the library and pick up some books that you find interesting or have been acclaimed online, on the grapevine or in book reviews. If you don't like the sound of the book, it doesn't matter! You can always buy or borrow a different one.
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    Once you've found your section, just browse through it and pick out a few books you think are interesting. Go take a seat and read the first couple pages. If you think it's the perfect book, check it out and go home.
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    Buy, or acquire, a lot of books! Ever heard the saying, "Never judge a book by its cover"? There are many online and retail book-stores, which hold mind-boggling selections of books. Scan through a couple, and buy ones you think are interesting.
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    Carry/read books wherever you go. Sure, your friends might think this is pretty dumb, but if you love books, read them a lot without worrying about others' disapproval.
    • Bookworms not only collect books that they are going to read in the future, but also keep books they have already read by their beds. In order for the book you chose to be a book you can snuggle up with you have to check these things over. Is the book in my preferred genre / style? Is it too hard / easy? Do I like the first part of the chapter? After you check these things over and they're all answered positively you are now a bookworm with the book you've chosen (not that you should stop with just this book, of course).
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    Find someone who loves books and literature as much as you do. Try making or joining a book club. Did you know that there are many online book clubs to join for free and make new friends and acquaintances? Try Shelfari, a social bibliophile website.
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    Keep it healthy. Say you read for half an hour in the morning, half in the afternoon, and half at night. Also read during your spare time.
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    Read thick books, if you're old enough for it. Start chapter books at about six or seven years of age.
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    Read series. They'll keep you busy if the first book is good.
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    If you find a book that you love and you know that you will read it over and over you should buy a copy to put on your shelf.
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    If you want to start writing try reading the genre that you would write eg: sci-fi, mystery, romance.
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    Keep it fun. Reading shouldn't be a chore, it should be something you look forward to.Read short version to know what is book about and then borrow it.


  • Never judge a book by a cover. Just because a book's cover may look stupid, doesn't mean the book is!
  • Try different types of books. Don't stick to the same ones.
  • Glasses don't make you a nerd.
  • If a book isn't working for you, put it down for a bit. It's better to read less amazing books than hundreds of bad ones.
  • DonĀ“t get tired.Read more times but for shorter time.
  • Talk with your friend who likes to read books.Ask them for good book for reading.


  • Don't become obsessed with books. Find other hobbies, such as writing or sports!

Things You'll Need

  • A library (or bookstore) to visit
  • A love of books
  • A decent IQ
  • Someone who shares your love of books

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