How to Be a Black Barbie

Classy and sassy. Read this article if you want to represent the new trend on how to be a black barbie.


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    Get the look. Barbie has certain characteristics that you must emulate if you want to pass as her.
    • Get in shape. Eat right and shed pounds. Barbie is known for her slimness. Do not purge or starve yourself to be a stick-thin girl; that's not attractive. Instead, exercise, eat healthy, and drink plenty of water.
    • Have nice hair. A simple tip on how to achieve healthy, shiny hair is to rinse with cold water in the shower. Always be sure to brush it, keep it knot-free, and to pull it out of your face when you are eating.
    • Take good care of your skin. Wash your face with non-oily products. Apply light-weight lotions. This will make your face glow afterwards and is very crucial to looking stunning. Last, brush gold eyeshadow on your cheekbones, on the bridge of your nose and under your eyebrows.
    • Wear minimal makeup. Mascara and any shade of pink lip gloss is what Skipper and Black Barbie wears. Blush will make your cheekbones look like the jigsaw murderer. An easy motto to remember is "If you have it, don't add it". Paint your nails in fun pinks ranging from pastel to light pink. Lavender is okay if that's more your thing.
    • Clothing. Skinny jeans (not too tight) and any stylish pink, black, or blue tank tops or t-shirts. Items from Pink help portray the whole Barbie look. Wear leggings every once in a while with a cute tank top. Always carry a pink tote bag around with you.
    • Smile. A smile can light up a room and it's what lets people into your heart, so show those pearly whites. Brush three times a day with toothpaste, and occasionally use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, fresh lemon and baking soda for extra whitening.
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    Be nice, sassy, and sweet. For example, if someone says "hi" and you don't know them, don't be rude: say "hi" back. That's how you'll make new friends. Don't get carried away: get some backbone and stand up for yourself, but in a way where you won't get in trouble at school. You've got to be sassy too. Fluttering your eyes (not too much),crossing your legs and walking like a diva will help boost your inner barbie. Don't get all up in someone's face.
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    Be super smart. No one likes a dumb barbie.
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    Focus on gorgeous, glowing skin. Remove every scar with a cocoa butter stick (acne scars too) by applying it two times each day. Then, for glowing skin, use a shimmering body spray. Don't spray directly: use a blush brush to put it all over. Make sure skin is soft with baby lotion or lotion with cocoa butter. Take a hot shower, but don't scrub your skin with your towel. Lightly pat, make sure you still have some water on your skin, then apply the lotion.
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    Please, no outrageous nail designs. Keep it cute and simple. French manicure, pinks, purples, golds, silvers and a TWO-toned (not ten-toned) are all perfect. Learn how to cover up a broken nail.
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    Shopping time! Dr. Jays, Forever 21, Aeropostale (and similar brands like American Eagle, etc.) and 5-7-9 are good places to get a glam/glitzy look. Have nice shoe collection that is half heels and half Nike's.
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    Perfect lips. Sculpt those plump lips with lip liner and lipstick, or just lipgloss. Soft, never dark colors. If your lips need a boost, try a limp plumping gloss.

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