How to Be a Better Son

Being a better son requires a great sense of responsibility, spending quality time away from your personal needs, and justly balancing important issues between yourself and your parents. Do you want to know how to be a better son? Read this article.


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    Set a goal. What attributes do you want to have to make you a better son? Focus on the needs and attributes that needs to improved, in order to provide a better quality life for your parents. Set a goal, and see it through. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by friends or selfish personal needs.
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    Spend time with your parents. A little time spent with your parents can often help achieve a better understanding of one another. Make time to be involved in issues that need attention and your time.
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    Sacrifice something for them without anything in return. Parents are our strength. To sacrifice something for them is the best activity that a son can do. This will bring them great joy and make you feel wanted and needed as well.
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    Show your parents that you care. Always be with them through their happiness and distress.Give them a lot of care as they wish that from you. Also, do your chores, such as cooking, washing the dishes, doing the laundry, mowing the lawn, cleaning the bathroom (Parents love this!), and even fixing the car. Your dad would be proud of this one! Just be a general handyman around the house.
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    Learn something from them. A parent is always willing to lend their experience to their son. Try to learn a lot from them. We are always our father's son.
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    Perform well in school. If you perform well in school, your parents will be happy and reward you for being a great student. This will give them great comfort in knowing their investment in you has not gone wasted.
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    Be an obedient son. Obey your parents' instructions. Your parents have lived longer than you and as a result their talk comes out of their years of experience.
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    Make them proud. Every parent feels pride and grace when their children achieve something in life. Update your parents of every school and work promotion.
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    Live up to their expectations. Every parent expects that their son will not do any wrong deed and will not go against the family values. So make sure you cultivate and nurture your family values.
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    Try to be understanding. Try to see things from their point of view instead of your own. Give them credit for the wisdom they have acquired from their own experience.
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    Always seek your parents' advice. In situations where you have to make bigger decisions, your parents advice will help you a lot.
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    Be loving. Give you parents boundless love. Cure all their griefs and diseases with the best medicine available, your love.
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    Always keep your parents happy. Try to do everything that might make your parents happy, like gifting them new clothes, taking them out to somewhere, etc. You can make them feel proud by doing fun things with them.


  • Your parents are the only parents you have. Without them, you're nobody, so appreciate the fact that you have them.
  • There is a line between doing something nice for your parents and being a sycophant.
  • You just can't always please your parents.
  • Don't swear. It might offend your parents.

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