How to Be a Baltimore Ravens Fan

The Baltimore Ravens are a National Football League team based in Baltimore, Maryland. The Ravens are a great team, however, despite their great players and amazing coaches, they have only gone and won the Super Bowl twice. However, being a Ravens fan is great, fun, and you can easily find their games exciting to watch! Here's how to be a great fan for this wonderful team.


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    Know the current plays and coach. The glory of the moment is now and it is the first step to being a Ravens fan. The glory players are Joe Flacco, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, and Ray Rice.
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    Get team items like jerseys, posters, and Ravens apparel. They are on eBay,, and at the local store (If you live around Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania). This is what true Ravens fans do.
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    Watch the games. You can watch on TV or live. The biggest ones are prime time and against fellow AFC North teams (for an example, the Pittsburgh Steelers). Usually if you are local all the games are on CBS or Fox. If you are not local, just catch the prime-time games. Just know what you are watching and understand the game of football.
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    Go to M&T Bank Stadium and watch a game. It is cold there in the winter so try to catch one in the opening part of the season. An alternative is to check if the Ravens are coming near you (If you don't live in the Baltimore area) and go to that game. If you do this then you are a true Ravens fan.
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    The Ravens are known for having one of the most loyal fan bases in the entire NFL. Embrace that. Be rabid. Wear your jersey even if it's ripped up and has pit stains and the Ravens are 0-9. If you see another Ravens fan, yell to them, especially outside Baltimore.


  • There is NFL Replay.
  • Don't be a fan of the Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, or Cincinnati Bengals. Those are the Ravens' divisional rivals. Other teams you must absolutely hate are the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, and Indianapolis Colts. The one to hate the most is the AFC rival the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • You can track the Ravens online on,, and


  • You cannot be a fair-weather or sorta-kinda fan. Either you are 100% crazy, rabid, screaming-at-the-TV, talking-trash-at-opponents-fans kind of fan, or you aren't one at all. It's a commitment.
  • Even if you are a Ravens fan and can't stand the Pittsburgh Steelers, don't exactly hurt them. You can be enemies and all, but even the Ravens and Steelers teams respect each other. They hate but respect at the same time. Doesn't mean you have to be super nice and cheer for the Steelers either!

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