How to Be a Airsoft Support Gunner

This is about how to be an effective Support Gunner in a Airsoft squad or team.


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    Create or join a Airsoft team.(This is not a necessity, but helps greatly.)
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    Make sure you have at least 4 people to be in your team/squad
    • Divide combat roles to people in your squad: Rifleman, Support gunner, Radioman or Designated Marksman (DM).
    • Great combos include:(4 player team) 3x Rifleman 1x support gunner, 4x snipers, 2x Rifleman 1x support and 1x Designated Marksman or 2x Rifleman and 2x support gunners.
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    Buy a support weapon like a M249 S.A.W., A&K M249 M240 Bravo, Krytac LMG or VFC M27 IAR...
    • Buy at least one box/drum magazine that can hold at least 500+ rounds. They will often hold up to 4,000
    • Buy an extra battery - you WILL need it. Valken batteries, Lipo batteries and Intellect batteries are great quality.
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    Be your squads designated support gunner
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    Support Gunner Tactics - The role of a support gunner is to provide covering fire and pin down target areas
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    Find a good area with lots of cover behind you. Set up your weapon with a clear view of the enemy position or objective.
    • Buy and utilize a bipod..they can be lifesavers.
    • Do not be afraid to go prone (lie down) because it is harder for the OPFOR (opposing force) to see you with a low profile ( keep in mind this will make it harder to get up if in a hurry)
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    When you are instructed to lay down covering fire or fire upon the objective:
    • Use short controlled bursts around the enemy.
    • Try to hit the cover around the enemy that is very loud when hit: metal objects...
    • Remember that you are not necessarily trying to get one enemy, you are just trying to pin their entire team down... So you should not focus on one guy, try to fire on the objective as a whole
    • Fire off a burst to pin the enemy, then hold your fire, when you see him pop back out of cover, open fire again and pin him back down before he can hit your team.
    • As a support gunner it is your job to listen to your team, and find where they need cover fire
    • If you are "stingy" with ammo the support role is not for you, your job is to cover your squad mates movement and ammo will be your best friend.
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    When playing in a non-stationary position:
    • Stay in the middle of your squad, constantly looking for threats
    • Keep your gun up and ready when approaching and turning corners
    • If you can let your gun rest against a short wall or piece of cover—this gives your arms a rest and gives you some cover.
    • Always be looking for easily defensible positions with lots of cover.


  • Use communications systems like Radios and Headsets.
  • Have fun and remember its just a game.
  • Practice Hand signals, and Tactics like room clearing and leapfrogging with your team.
  • Use your cover wisely.
  • Partner up with a rifleman in your squad and have him cover your back while you cover the objective.
  • Make your LMG as comfortable as possible: wear a sling, attach a comfortable pistol grip, put on a cheek rest.
  • Go out to your field before hand and spot out good support positions.


  • Do not play in public.
  • Always wear the proper safety equipment.

Things You'll Need

  • A Support Weapon - M249 S.A.W., PKM, M240 Bravo...
  • At Least one or more Box/ drum magazines that hold 500+ rounds
  • Extra Battery, or two
  • LOTS of BBs
  • Communications Gear
  • Recommended: M.O.L.L.E. vest or plate carrier with the appropriate pouches
  • Recommended: Sling

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