How to Be a "Pink" Barbie Girl

Think Elle Woods from Legally Blonde... or simply Barbie. Want to be the girl that everybody notices wherever you go and be seen as a Barbie? Well, read on.


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    Hair. Barbie is blonde, but it doesn't mean you have to be. However, you can add a few golden or blonde highlights to lighten up your hair a bit. The most important thing here is to always keep it conditioned and healthy. Deep condition your hair once a week or every two weeks, and make sure you style it nicely. Make sure you have a flattering haircut, and get a hairdresser to give you a slightly layered cut, simply to give a better shape to your hair and face.
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    Skin care. There are Barbies of all skin colors, so no matter what your skin tone is, you can be a Barbie... however, you do have to follow a good skin care routine. Wash your face with face soap everyday, massaging your face in circular motion. Then, rinse it off and pat-dry with a towel. Every two days, exfoliate your skin as well.
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    Makeup. Make sure you cleanse your face very well before applying makeup.
    • Apply face moisturiser. Place a few dots all over your face and gently blend in.
    • Apply foundation. Place a few dots on forehead, cheeks, eyelids, under eyes, nose and chin. Then gently blend in with your clean fingers or with a sponge or brush. If you want, you can apply a bit of concealer under your eyes too.
    • Apply face powder. With a big fluffy powder brush or a big powder puff/sponge, apply face powder all over your face to get rid of shine and make your face look matte and clean. Besides, it sets your foundation better. Just make sure not to apply way too much, or your makeup might look caked on.
    • Eyeshadow. Apply a little bit, but go for pastel colors like baby blue, light pink, white, beige, etc.
    • Mascara. Apply mascara on top lashes and on bottom lashes. You can use a bit of eyeliner before the mascara, just to make your eyes look bigger.
    • Blush. Apply a shade of pink blush that goes well for your skin tone. Lighter skin tones gotta go for lighter pinks, darker skin tones gotta go for deeper pinks.
    • Lipstick or lip gloss. Always pink... when it comes to lips, you can wear lighter or darker regardless of your skin tone. It depends more on your own taste.
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    The style. Barbie is girly yet cool, but always very pink. See what's your personal taste and go for it:
    • Lady-like Barbie. Skirts, dresses, skinny belts, flats and delicate high-heels. You can also wear delicate earrings, such little pearl studs. Remember, your clothes must be pastel colors always, especially pink.
    • Diva Barbie. Lots of sparkles. Sparkling big earrings, such as bling bling hoops; sparkling rings and necklaces. Also attention-grabbing high heels, tight jeans or skirts and tight dresses. Always go for deep and hot pinks and bright colors.
    • Cool downtown Barbie. More-laid back yet extremely cool. Hoops earrings or studs. High heels, boots or flip flops. Jeans, tank tops and little jackets. Can go for sober tones on most of the clothing, but always add a touch of bright color, especially bright pinks.
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    Walk with confidence. Even if you don't feel confident, you gotta act like you do, and everybody will believe it. Stand tall, hold your chin high and walk with a little swagger in your hips. You can watch fashion shows and learn from the models. Practice at home too. Acting confident is a must.
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    Be mature yet nice. Don't act goofy nor childish, or else people won't respect you. Try to act serious when it's needed. However, treat people with politeness. Say "excuse me", "thank you" and greet them with good morning/afternoon/evening/night, and carry a little smile on your lips. These little gestures make a huge difference.


  • Don't do this overnight, or people might think you're trying too hard. Try doing it more slowly. You can change your hair one day... then next week start wearing the makeup... then next week wearing new shoes... then next week changing the way you dress... until you're complete and can show the new attitude as well.

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