How to Be a Scene Girl on a Budget

Want to be scene, but don't have much to spend? Read on.


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    Put things in perspective. Remember, these are just clothes, and the places you shop are just stores. Just because you shop at one place doesn't mean you are any less Scene. Also, if anyone decides to make fun of you for shopping somewhere, they aren't "jealous" or anything like that; they're just a closed-minded idiot who doesn't know how to find a good bargain. Speaking of which...
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    Look for a good bargain. If you are on a budget, or tight on money for any reason, that means you may not be able to afford to drop $20 on a single t-shirt, or $15+ on a pair of jeans. Start looking at second-hand stores, and start looking for good deals and sales, regardless of whether or not the place is targeted toward the Scene crowd or more edgy, alternative folks. For example, Old Navy has comfy tank tops in basic colors, and they tend to sell for $2-$6 each. Goodwill usually has a deal going on where clothing with a certain colored tag is marked down. So, if you have $6 jeans with a green tag, you may be able to snag them for, say, $4.50 or so. Neat, huh?
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    Get a hoodie. The best colors would be grey/black, but navy blues and any other color will do fine. Make sure it's not baggy, but fits well and can last for awhile.
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    Get some jeans. Fear not, you don't have to spend $15+ on just one pair. Yikes. Look for your nearest secondhand store or consignment shop and you'll find some great skinny jeans for under ten per pair. Look for some darker colors, like black or dark blue. For the destroyed look, take a razor to them and then wash them.
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    Get some tops. Again, don't be afraid to look at a secondhand store for graphic tees and band shirts. Consignment shops and any secondhand place geared toward the alternative crowd should have them. (It feels great to support local businesses, doesn't it?) As stated above, Old Navy will have some cheap tanks in basic colors for about $6, so stock up. JC Penny's Junior section also has graphic and foil-print tees, as does Wall Mart.
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    Take up DIY (Do It Yourself). This is a MUST for someone on a budget. Learning to sew is a great place to start so that, if something gets a hole in it, you don't have to worry about it. Sewing also comes in handy if you need to make something fit better, or even want to make your own clothes. Gothic Beauty Magazine has some fun patterns, and Dollar Tree sells sewing kits. You should also learn to make your own jewelry, be it a simple plastic beaded bracelet or a pair of earrings. You can find plastic beads and cord at places like Michaels and Jo Ann's in the kids' section of the store. Just stay away from their more plastic-y cord, as the knot won't stay as well, and it breaks easier. DIY parties can also be a fun activity for some of your friends, as you can trade the bracelets that you make, and even have access to other beads if they bring their supplies.
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    Find some accessories. For starters, a 20 minute trip to Claire's and Icing will yield great results. They have some cute jewelry, makeup, and nail polish. A trip to a Sanrio store, or a place that sells keychain plushies can give you something fun to put on a beaded necklace. Just remove the keychain part, put the plushie on a cord, then add your beads. The same goes for glow sticks, which can be found at Dollar Tree.
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    Get some good shoes. Converse are already very popular in the scene fashion world and are very low in price. Buy some Sharpies and go wild with colour! You can also wear Vans; since they're skater shoes, they'll be able to last awhile. Doc Martins and Airwalk (the Ugg knockoff) are also a good choice if you're looking for boots.
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    Get some makeup. All you need for the eyes is eyeliner, colourful eyeshadow, and mascara. For skin, apply moisturizer, then some foundation, then a little powder. Just powder or foundation can work too!
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    Style your hair. Hair is very important! The first step is straightening it, then, simply tease layers and add hairspray. Side bangs are a must. You can learn how to give yourself a scene haircut on [1] in about 10 minutes, just search 'how to get scene hair'. Also, you can buy clip in hair extensions in Claire's or any hair care store, such as Sally's or Mid K. Some stores sell hair extensions for less than others, but if you are going to get them, try to get real hair extensions because they'll hold up longer, and they'll be easier to blend in with your hair.
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    Find a free place to hang out, like the skate park or a store or something. Be creative!


  • As stated above, don't spend too much money on just one thing (such as a $20 band shirt at Hot Topic, or $30 jeans at American Eagle). You can always find them for less somewhere else. For example, I got a pair of Forever 21 jeans at Goodwill for about $6. They sell them for $10.50-$25 in the actual store!
  • Don't limit yourself to certain bands or music genres. Scene Kids tend to avoid Jazz, Country, and some Rap, but since Scene is about being yourself, don't feel like you have to give this up just because it's not Scene-kosher.
  • You don't have to buy music off of iTunes. Just pop a CD into the computer and you're set.
  • Never compromise who you are for the sake of fitting in with a certain group; those who do are the ones who end up being called Posers. Just be yourself. The one thing that really ties an outfit together is the confidence of the wearer!
  • Good places for low-cost makeup: Walgreens, Fred Meyers, Safeway, or any kind of grocery store. Mall stores like Hot Topic, Claire's, and Icing sell cheap makeup, too.
  • Try your clothing on BEFORE you buy it. Not all stores will give you your money back if you try to return it, nor will they always allow you to return it if it's been worn, damaged, etc. (Forever 21 is one of those stores.)
  • Good places for clothing would include: Buffalo Exchange, Goodwill, any consignment store, Dollar Tree (they sell really awesome gloves around Halloween time!), Walmart, and garage sales and estate sales.


  • Make sure you keep your attitude in check. Scene kids have a bad reputation because some of them are arrogant. Haters do NOT make you famous. They make you unpopular. Not everyone who dislikes you is jealous; some are close-minded idiots, while others may dislike you because of your attitude. In the end, just remember there is a difference between being self-confident and being loud-mouthed/obnoxious/arrogant.
  • Secondhand stores may take a little searching, but it's worth it. You can find skinny jeans at a secondhand store as well.
  • People may not like you for dressing the way you do, but it doesn't matter. You have the right to dress this way if you damn well please. In the end, it's just a clothing style, nothing more.
  • Don't tease your hair too big, it'll look ridiculous, and too much teasing can damage your hair.
  • Make sure you know what the Keffiyeh scarf (the Middle-Eastern scarves that have been popular lately) stand for before you wear it, as it is a political symbol, not just another trendy accessory.
  • Don't wear too much eyeliner, you will look trashy and like a raccoon.
  • For foundation, it's best to go to drugstores like CVS or Walgreens, they're about 8$ and work great.

Things You'll Need

  • Skinny jeans
  • Graphic tees
  • Makeup
  • Flat Iron
  • Comb/brush
  • Hairspray
  • Vans/Converse/Flats/Boots
  • Hoodie
  • Headbands
  • Little kid stuff (Hello kitty, etc.)
  • Hair bows/clips
  • Hair Extensions
  • Sewing kit and a good set of instructions. Gothic Beauty magazine has great patterns in their DIY section.
  • Razor

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