How to Bathe Several Small Kids at Once

Bathing several small kids at the same time requires you to remain vigilant and not leave the bath until the children have completed their bathing and the water has been drained from the tub. You'll also need to make sure it's a fun event and prevent any squabbling.


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    Fill the bath with sufficient water for the amount of kids being added at the same time. Remember that the more kids added, the more water will be displaced by their weight. To avoid spills over the top, aim for less water than you'd use for one kid.
    • Add some bubble bath or even bath bombs for bathing enjoyment.
    • A bathmat suitable for lining the bath will help to prevent slips.
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    Make bath time fun. Add rubber ducks, toy boats, floating toys, etc., to the bath. Ensure that all toys added are safe for the kids and are waterproof or for water use.
    • Put the toys in one by one.
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    Encourage the kids to get into the bath. If the kids don't want to get in, encourage them by suggesting that anyone in the bath will get a special mermaid drink, becomes a mermaid or is captain of the bathtub vessel.
    • If they don't want to be seen naked, give them their swimming costume. They'll still get clean, so don't make a fuss.
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    Wash the kids one by one. As you do so, turn it into a story. For example: "'And the fairy said to the spacemen, I do hope you have washed behind your ears in twenty seconds or we won't be able to visit the chocolate planet!".
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    Keep a constant watch on the kids in the bath. Small children should never be left unattended in a bath, so you're on watch until the last of the bathwater has been drained out.
    • Prevent fighting in the bath. If the kids start hitting one another, pull them out of the bath and onto the bathmats on the floor. Explain that this is not to happen. If they enjoy the bathing, explain that bath time is over should bad behavior continue. If they hate the bath, explain that treats won't happen if they're badly behaved.
    • Small splashes are okay. Large splashes are a nuisance, so ask them nicely to stop. Explain that big splashes get you wet and mess up the bathroom floor.
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    Help the kids out of the bath if they can't do it alone. Spills over the bath and onto the hard floor spoil the fun and may end in injury.
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    Have a line of fluffy, dry bath towels ready for the kids to dry themselves off with. Make sure the towels are soft. Have bathmats on the floor for the kids to stand on.
    • If you have small toweling dressing gowns, have the kids put these on instead; they'll dry without trying.
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    Line the kids up for teeth brushing. Sing a few songs while waiting for each child to finish and have the children waiting sing along.
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  • Bribes work for the reticent child. Try apple slices, bedtime stories and cuddles––all for after the bath has been enjoyed.
  • Bubble bath encourages many a reticent child bather into the bath.


  • Supervise the children at all times in the bathroom. Do not leave the room, not even for a moment; ask someone else to supervise if you must answer a call or check the oven.
  • If a child urinates or defecates in the bath, get the children out quickly and give them a quick shower wash to clean them, then dry and dress them. Deal with the dirty water after the children are dealt with. It is not the end of the world, so don't make a big fuss, just ask them not to do it again. The more attention drawn to it, the more likely a mischief maker will have fun doing it again.

Things You'll Need

  • Children's bubble bath
  • Bath toys
  • Bath mats for in the bath
  • Bathroom mats for the floor
  • Set of towels or toweling gowns for the children

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