How to Bathe a Young Child

Do you have a younger sibling that needs help taking a bath? Or are you baby-sitting a young child who has no clue what to do in the tub, except squirt shampoo at you? Well, whatever the case is, this article will teach you how to bathe them in less than 20 minutes.


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    Fill the tub with warm water. Fill the tub about a quarter full. They don't use that much water, and unless they are soiled with dirt and grime, they really don't need that much.Make sure the water is not too hot or cold. To match the child's preference, have the child stick his/her hand in some lukewarm water, and ask them if they want it warmer. Slowly adjust the water temp to the child's preference. If they can't talk, keep it a little warmer than lukewarm.
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    Get the child into a comfortable position in the tub. Have them sit with their backs against one side of the tub. You might want to put in a few rubber toys that they can't swallow into the tub for the child's enjoyment.
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    Get their entire bodies submerged in water. If their hair needs to be washed, get that wet too. Grab a washcloth and a bar of soap, and lather up. Be sure to gently scrub them everywhere, and clean everything- not just what looks dirty.
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    After the child is clean, rinse them off, and if their hair needs a scrub, get their hair about 3/4 wet, lather up and scrub with your fingertips. Leave in for about 1 minute, and be sure to rinse off completely.
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    Give their bodies a final rinse, have them pull out the plug, stand up, and dry themselves. Get them out, help them get dressed, and comb out their hair.


  • For extra relaxation, put some bubble bath in the tub.
  • To rinse a child, it is easiest to do with a removable hand held shower like the Rinse Ace Baby and Toddler Rinser. Total control over where the water goes and after your child's bath, remove the hose and sprayer and the shower is ready for the adults again. Great for rinsing away soap from the tub as well.
  • Kids are attracted to fruity-smelling shampoos, and what you might like, such as Pantene, they probably won't enjoy as much. Try getting Suave Kids or Loreal Kids. They come in yummy scents. When you go to the store, allow them to choose which one they like best.


  • Do NOT leave a young child alone in the tub. If they clean themselves, bring a magazine to flip through while they are cleansing themselves. Also, don't trust an older sibling to supervise, if they are inexperienced.

Things You'll Need

  • Towel
  • Washcloth or body scrubber
  • Soap
  • Shampoo, conditioner

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