How to Balance Teenage Life

Being a teenager is perhaps the most frustrating yet exciting point in our lives. It is the time when most of us discover ourselves. Being on the step between childhood and adulthood can be hard and stressful so balance of work and play is essential to get the most out of this wonderful period of life.


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    Write down your life: Grab a pen and some paper and write down everything that's going on in your life. Classify all the information, such as "To-do", "Goals", "Commitments". Make the list as personal as you want (you can even doodle on it; it's your life and not anybody else's).
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    Take notes at school: Sure, it might not seem an exciting thing to do, but writing down notes at school or college can help you a lot in the long run for example homework and future tests and exams. You don't have to refer to the bulky textbooks.
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    Help out at home: You may be nearly an adult, but you'll need to learn the experiences of being on your own. Helping out around the home whenever you can is a good way to learn, with instructions from your parents, it also lighten the load on those you live with. You'll also feel better because you managed to help someone lessen their work. Also, acting more responsible will show your parents that you can handle more privileges. When you are a teenager it can be hard to gain respect from your elders, but being responsible and proving yourself is a good way to go.
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    Spend time with friends: Take time to hang around with the people who you get on with; it can help you enjoy life when you're going through a bad time. Also, people who have high hopes in life can pass on ambition to you.
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    Spend time with that special someone: Ensure that you spend quality time with your date. Just five minutes together can brighten the day for both of you.
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    Save money: Whenever some cash comes your way, put a little aside for the future. A pound a week will soon accumulate. Don't spend money in a haste or on things you don't need, impulse purchases can really be a waste so take some time to think about what you buy is coming to use.
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    Work on looking great: Spending time on your looks is fantastic for your self esteem. If you look presentable, you'll feel confident and fabulous. Remember that this step is not necessary and that you should not go through this step for someone else's benefit. Take care of yourself and your body, you deserve it.
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    Get enough sleep: Tip - nodding off at school is humiliating. Getting enough shut-eye does wonders for your mood and helps you to be alert tomorrow. Around eight hours of snooze is the minimum you should get. Getting sleep is also good for your well being. (see point 7).
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    Breathe when stressed: It sounds odd, but when you find yourself overwrought, just by concentrating on your breathing, you can focus on today and let go of your stress.


  • Stress is the devil of teenage life. Try to hold on to anger, hatred or jealousy. These negative emotions guarantee you a one-way ticket to stress land.
  • Remember that you don't have to compete with others. If you aren't happy with your grades, study more for your own improvement. Don't compare yourself to a friend or classmate with straight As, be ambitious about your goal and remain positive . Take time to improve and don't rush.
  • A healthy diet is a very good way to improving your emotional state. Vegetables and fruits can be boring... but fast food every day can be lethal your health.
  • To avoid "bad stress," or to get away from it all, try finding an outlet for yourself. For example, join the swim team, start a diary, or even volunteer at an animal shelter once a week. In time, you'll find that even the little things you do will relieve your stress in the long run.
  • School work may not be the ideal thing to do, but procrastinating your school work will only bring you trouble. Lying to your teacher is not a long term solution either. If you are behind on something or don't understand, tell your teacher and ask them for help. This will make coming to classes less stressful and humiliating. In the very end, you will feel relieved when your assignment is turned in.


  • A small mistake during teenage can turn your world upside down. If you feel sad or hopeless, talk to someone. Friends and family can be very good to talk to but sometimes that isn't enough to help. If you feel like you need to, talk to a professional like the school nurse or look for organisations online.
  • Don't ever take out your stress on your friends - especially not that "special someone". It will only ever lead to guilt, then jealousy and before you know it... you're at square one again.

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