How to Balance a Deficient Second Chakra

Four Methods:Recognizing a Deficient or Blocked Second ChakraBalancing Your Second Chakra through PleasureBalancing Your Second Chakra through Emotional IntimacyUsing Spiritual Practices to Balance Your Second Chakra

The second chakra (also called the sacral chakra) influences your creativity and sexual energy. The sacral chakra is located in the lower abdomen; it is specifically tied to the ovaries (for women) and the testes (for men).[1] If the sacral chakra is deficient, you may experience a lack of personal creativity, emotional intimacy, and sexual enjoyment. You can balance the sacral chakra by allowing yourself to be expressive and emotionally healthy.

Method 1
Recognizing a Deficient or Blocked Second Chakra

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    Understand a deficient second chakra. Your second chakra, when balanced, will allow your emotional energy to flow through your body and help you feel deep personal, creative, and sexual pleasure.[2] Like the other six chakras, a deficient sacral chakra can be either excessive (overly expressed) or blocked (inadequately expressed). An unhealthy or deficient second chakra can have the following effects on an individual:
    • Inflexible in mind and body
    • Strong feelings of guilt, shame, or fear
    • Overwhelmed by anxiety and worry
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    Recognize how a blocked second chakra limits self-expression. A blocked sacral chakra will have symptoms opposite those of an excessive sacral chakra. If your sacral chakra is blocked, you will feel emotionally frigid or have trouble expressing yourself creatively and sexually.[3] A blocked sacral chakra may have these symptoms:
    • Lack of emotional pleasure; emotional rigidity
    • Lack of sexual desire or sexual frigidity
    • Pessimism, depression, and a lack of creativity
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    Experience a blocked second chakra in daily life. The consequences of your deficient chakra will show up in day-to-day life. If you know what you’re looking for, chakra-related deficiencies are easy to notice.[4] Look for daily symptoms like:
    • Inhibited sexuality. A deficient sacral chakra is likely to blame if you are less sexually active than normal, are receiving less enjoyment from sexual acts than you normally would, or are experiencing guilt or shame related to your sexuality,.
    • Chronic dissatisfaction. Your sacral chakra is tied to pleasure and enjoyment; if the chakra is blocked, you will find yourself dissatisfied, frustrated, or fed up with people and activities that usually bring you pleasure. This dissatisfaction can diminish your participation in activities with friends and family, and reduce your satisfaction when performing work, recreational activities, or exercising.
    • Lack of energy and ambition. A functioning sacral chakra will fuel you with energy and help you stay focused on personal ambitions. If your chakra is blocked, you may feel listless, uninspired, or unmotivated to pursue things that are important to you.

Method 2
Balancing Your Second Chakra through Pleasure

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    Express creativity. Your sacral chakra is the seat of creativity in your body; when properly balanced, this creativity will be a source of pleasure and expression. By getting rid of feelings of self-consciousness and developing a child-like sense of creativity and play, you can maximize the energy of your sacral chakra.[5]
    • Decorate your home.
    • Buy a new piece of clothing or change your style for a day.
    • Try writing a poem, a song, or a story.
    • Cook a new dish you’ve never had before.
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    Try new yoga postures. Even if you already regularly practice yoga, it will benefit your sacral chakra to focus on positions that open your hips and lower abdomen.[6] These positions will release emotional tension in your hips.
    • Be sure to include poses that move your hips in a variety of directions. Don’t just do positions that stretch your hips open widely; make use of your hips’ full range of motion.
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    Treat yourself. Do something that is rewarding to you, just because it’s rewarding to you, not as a means to some other end. Focus on your emotional enjoyment of whatever task you’re performing. The pleasure and creative enjoyment that you can experience from doing something nice for yourself will engage your sacral chakra, which is a focal point of pleasure in the body. For example:
    • Get a massage.
    • Eat something delectable at a new restaurant.
    • Avoid thinking about work for a day, or a weekend.
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    Let money flow in and out of your life. You should have an emergency fund and savings, but you shouldn’t hoard away every penny. Financial self-expression can engage and balance your second chakra through giving a sense of pleasure and self-esteem.
    • Use your income and financial resources to make yourself and others happy. While it is important to be financially responsible, focus on the emotional connections that can be created and fostered by financial means. For instance, treat a good friend to dinner.
    • Out of all the chakras, your second chakra is most closely tied to enjoyment of money and prosperity.[7]

Method 3
Balancing Your Second Chakra through Emotional Intimacy

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    Let go of your negative emotions. Part of balancing your sacral chakra is intentionally removing any negative emotions, thoughts, or people from your life, and removing any regrets that you’re holding on to.[8]
    • Holding on obsessively to negative memories and to negative people in your life will only weigh you down emotionally.[9] Avoid this harmful baggage by practicing letting go of unhealthy emotions.
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    Forge emotional connections with other creative people. Through a mutual respect and appreciation of creativity, you can foster deep and emotionally significant relationships in your personal life. Invest in people in your life who have healthy emotional commitments and enjoy creative expression.
    • Interpersonal and social connections are key to having a balanced sacral chakra.
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    Engage in healthy sexuality. The sacral chakra is tied to sexuality and your sex drives, and promotes sexual expression and enjoyment. Affirm your own sexual nature and desires, and try new types of sexual activity that you (and your partner, if applicable) enjoy.[10]
    • When balancing your second chakra, try not to focus on having sexual encounters with a specific frequency. You can be open with yourself and embrace your sexuality even if you are temporarily (or permanently) chaste.[11]

Method 4
Using Spiritual Practices to Balance Your Second Chakra

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    Meditate on the color orange. Your second chakra is tied to the color orange, and focusing your mind on the color will help balance, heal, and maintain your sacral chakra. While meditating, focus on “sending” the color orange to the area of your lower abdomen (where the second chakra is located).[12]
    • Wear small pieces of orange-colored gemstone jewelry. This will keep the color near your body, and help balance your chakra. Look for gems such as: citrine, fire opal, and tangerine quartz.[13]
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    Use healing stones or crystals. These are powerful objects to influence and help balance your sacral chakra. It’s important to have these near you if your sacral chakra is blocked; you can also place the crystals or stones on your body.
    • Use orange-colored healing stones, as these will have the greatest effect on your sacral chakra. These stones include carnelian and orange calcite.[14]
    • Moonstone is also associated with the sacral chakra, due to its affiliation with water. Healing moonstones will help balance this chakra.[15]
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    Seek out water. The element associated with the second chakra is water, so spending time in or around water will calm and balance your sacral chakra. Water will relax you, calm your mind, and help you meditate.[16]
    • Visit a lake, stream, river, or even the ocean. This will be most effective if you can spend time alone, in meditation, near a body of water. If you can, dangle your feet into the water or wade out into it.
    • If you’re not around large bodies of water, taking a long shower or bath will have a similar effect.


  • Your sacral chakra will be easiest to maintain and balance if your other six chakras are balanced and healthy as well.

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