How to Back Up a wikiHow Article

Don't you hate it when you're writing a wikiHow article, you close the page by accident, and suddenly... you lose all your work! Then you have to start all over again. Well, worry no more, this won't happen to you if you back it up correctly!


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    Save a copy of your wikiHow article that's in progress to a Word document or Text file. If you're on a mobile device, such as an iPad, save a copy to something like Docs Unlimited or the Notes app. Simply copy and paste the current text from your article that's in progress into the file. Continue doing this as you write more steps, tips and warnings.
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    Click on "Publish." If you see a warning that says your article only has a few words, just ignore it and click "Save and Publish." Before you publish the article, apply the {{inuse}} tag to it, which lets other editors know that you are currently editing an article and you don't want them to edit it until it is finished and the tag is removed. You can also save your article periodically by editing it, adding some more steps and writing an edit summary of "work in progress" or "WIP" for short. Try saving drafts or following the file saving method to back up your work.
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    Draft your work in your user space. Create a subpage like this: User:Your Username Here/Test Draft of Article and copy and paste your work onto that test draft. This is a great method for backing up your work. You can also do this in a personal sandbox.
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    Choose an online backup software that can be used for backing up your article. Software programs include Acronis and Pgmac. When comparing softwares, check the security, durability, pricing and make sure the software has good service.


  • There are even some note-taking sites online that can be used to save a backup of your masterpiece in progress. Evernote is just one of the wonderful programs that can help you store and sync your information from all your devices connected to your account. If you start something from your PC, it'll be available to you on your iPhone, iPad, Android device, and anywhere else that you can delve up the full Evernote (official) app or program.

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