How to Avoid Writer's Block As a Mommy Blogger

Two Methods:Draw Inspiration From your KidsDraw Inspiration from Around You

The number one thing to remember when dealing with writer's block is not to force an idea. Instead, take a step back and draw inspiration from the people around you.

Method 1
Draw Inspiration From your Kids

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    Keep a notebook handy. Write down funny things your kids say or do to use as material later.
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    Ask them questions. Headline your post with one or two of their answers and then comment on them.
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    Describe a fun day you had with your kids. Use the post to recommend fun locations or activities for others.

Method 2
Draw Inspiration from Around You

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    Go to a public location with lots of children. Watch their interactions with their parents and each other. Take note of the things you find most interesting.
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    Talk to your friends or family members. Ask them to share fun experiences they had with their kids, or their opinion on a certain restaurant. Explain their point of view and add your own thoughts.
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    Invite a guest writer. If you’re really stuck, invite a friend to write a post for you. They can use this time to advertise their business or link back to their own blog. That way, they get something out of writing for you.


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