How to Avoid Watching YouTube Poops

YouTube poops are videos which have been edited for humorous purposes. Their humor and adult content is what makes them famous, and many people watch them to laugh at their funniest scenes. However, if you are not into their type of humor or don't want to watch them at all, then this article will explain what you need to do in order to avoid watching them.


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    Look at the video's title. Do not click on any videos which have the words 'YouTube poop' or the abbreviation 'YTP' in their title; this is the most obvious sign of a video being a YouTube poop.
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    When you are viewing a user's page, check if the user has made them. Under the category, remember the user's name in what he/she made so that you know it is his property.
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    Notice if the video is different. A lot of YouTube poops may be different from what they appear as and what users titled them. See what year and time they were made before you watch or view them.
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    Know the page the user made them on. A lot of YouTube poops can sometimes be made on the user's profile, like on YouTube if you would like to view the video then contact the main person who may be interested in giving you permission so you could view the video. Remember it's okay to offend them.
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    Make sure the video is appropriate. YouTube poops can sometimes be so vulgar they can spoil your day. Remember that it's real and is fake.
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    Make sure nobody is watching the video with you. Also, make sure to avoid showing it to children as YouTube poops sometimes contain sexual themes, violence or obscene language, so be aware of the content before clicking on a video around mixed company.


  • Many YouTube poops have content which is not appropriate for children, and most videos of these nature do not give warnings of this. Remember that every time you see a video which looks like a YouTube poop, be cautious and avoid trying to watch it as it may have some bad things in it.
  • Be careful when you are searching for videos. Never click on videos which have profanity in their titles.
  • Make sure you know how to recognize videos with 'screamers', which are effects intended to scare the viewer unexpectedly. It is particularly important to avoid these if you have a heart condition.
  • Even if a YouTube poop looks innocent, it could still contain inappropriate material. If you feel uncomfortable with the content of any YouTube video, skip it and don't see it at all.


  • It is possible that YouTube poops may be loud and require you to turn the volume down. If you cannot they will hurt your ears and might even damage your hearing.
  • If you end up searching for a video and you find a YouTube poop, do not watch it. Sometimes the user will trick you into thinking it's something that will interest you and perhaps you will have something better to do than watching something you will not always end up watching by yourself.
  • If you see a video that has been copyrighted or has been owned by the user, do not attempt to steal the idea or try to copy the video without permission. Doing so will get you in serious trouble and you could be blocked from YouTube for at least a few minutes.

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