How to Avoid Undermining Business Success By Celebrating Too Often

Every achievement is recognized and celebrated and every achiever is venerated. Is it good to celebrate the success or achievement? What inner meaning the celebration of an achievement convey to us? Does nature have anything to tell us about how to celebrate and what consequences may result?


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    Take care with the purpose of celebration. While the notification of success or achievement will always serve in part to motivate the people around, in a real sense it has the potential spoil the achiever. The achiever may feel that there is inadequate recognition over time or they may not enjoy sharing the glory with others that they feel haven't contributed as much as them. Or the achiever may feel that the constancy of celebration somehow diminishes the value of the process that was used to reach the success. Not all celebrations will encourage those who helped to reach them.
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    Consider an example from nature. In nature, many plants live as annuals. Their life cycle ends within one year starting from germination, growth, flowering and seeding. Again, the same process starts. We shall take Ocimum (Ocimum sanctum) or the basil plant as an example for our discussion. f the flowers of Ocimum plant were removed continuously as and when they appear, the plant would continue to grow and sustain for the next season. An annual plant can be made to live for many years if the flowering can be stopped. Once the flowering is allowed, the plant would die with the season.
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    Extrapolate this example to a business achievement scenario. The death of the plant after flowering is likely to be the end result if every achievement is celebrated; the achiever too will wilt, their enthusiasm and creativity ebbing, their season of flowering wilted and exhausted by the constant celebrating which keeps raising the bar of expectations, even unwittingly. Moreover, the celebration energy fills the space of the creative energy; yet, it is not the celebration but the performance and process that has produced the achievement.
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    Recognize that while celebrations have their place, a business must put more effort into concentrating on how to enhance performance. To get more achievements, performance needs to be enhanced and not the celebration of the achievement. Certainly, celebration gives happiness and happiness may produce some mental strength.Bu t whether the mental strength will assure enhanced performance and enhanced achievement is doubtful if the process of the achievement is not well understood. This view is not against celebration of success by any means. However, it is about tipping the balance back more evenly to ensure that understanding and enhancing of performance is also taken into account by the business leaders. In sports, if the sportsmen celebrate their victory in one game, they might become a looser in another game. Such kind of tangible result is what a business should look for from its employees.
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    Don't push success too far; instead, acknowledge that a former success occurred and had its place in building your business but let it rest there. As with a person, a business must keep moving forward and not rest on its laurels. In business, some people love to sing a song of the business's past glory. What the business has achieved several years ago or even a century ago will be taken as its capability potential. However, what has been gone before should not be stretched beyond a point to predict what more of what can be expected. When half a meter of rubber thread is stretched, it might stretch to two meters. By seeing the above, one should not judge that if the rubber thread is stretched further, it would expand beyond two meters. In all reality, it may break. Success should not be defined beyond the time of occurrence too far into the future.
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    Keep the celebrating for the things that really matter and for major achievements. Too much celebration annuls future achievements. This would shift a person from doing and creating to showing and proving. It codes deeply in the subconscious mind of the achiever to wrap up to the past quickly and to not have courage for future. Moreover, every celebration should be around the reasons for the success and not on the mere success. The moment the result is produced, it is dead and what remains alive is the process led to the result. Only when you apply the same process again and again with some modifications that are required with time, are similar and differentiated results possible.


  • Learn to distinguish praise and constructive feedback from celebration. These have a good role in ongoing motivation, while celebrations are like an occasional treat!

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