How to Avoid the Common Mistakes in Using Google Adwords

Being on the first page of search engine ranking hugely matters to the success of a company. It helps in driving traffic to the site and also advertising the products and services to the right target audience. The Google AdWords is a paid advertising medium that helps businesses to feature in the first page of Google. But, many people make mistakes in running their adwords account.


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    Have a definite goal. Most companies go for AdWords nowadays and this should not be the only factor for you to pursue it. Before signing up for it you should have your advertising plans chalked out. Having clearly defined advertising goals will help you to plan your campaigns well.
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    Find your way around the Keyword Planner. Choosing keywords correctly is one of the determining factors of your success with AdWords and if experts are to be believed, it is tricky too. However, with the Keyword Planner that Google has introduced recently the work has reduced a lot and there can be no excuse for not trying it out.
    • The new Keyword Planner combines Google Keyword Tool and AdWords traffic Estimator. This tool allows the users to choose keywords from the list that Google offers. You can go for in-depth research on trending keywords and choose the most suitable ones for your AdWords account. There are three methods of finding keywords – by keyword, by landing page and by product category. You can even create your own keyword plan and include interesting keywords for future use. For determining the financial viability of your keyword plan you should use the Get Detailed Estimates feature. You may download your plan and keep it for future reference. It is also possible to use your own keyword data and upload it to create a customized plan. With the Keyword Planner, Google has facilitated the process selecting ad groups a more consistent experience for its users.
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    Be sure to monitor the phrases that result in actual clicks. Just choosing a keyword match criteria and waiting for AdWords to generate results is a big mistake. You need to intervene and monitor and identify the phrases that have resulted in clicks. The “Search Term Report” will come handy in this regard. It will help you to detect negative keywords that you should add to your account. This report also facilitates detection of new keywords that have resulted in clicks and conversions and hence deserve to be added to your account.
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    Be proactive in your AdWords accounts. If you are under the impression that setting up the AdWords account is all you need to do and can sit back and watch money rolling in, you are simply inviting the disaster. It needs close monitoring, even as frequent as hourly in the initial phase of the launch. Later on you can relax a bit and only manage it daily. All this actually means that you need to keep aside a chunk of time for AdWords management. Even for small companies this may not be always feasible and hence it is recommended that you hire services of AdWords experts and get them manage your account professionally.
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    Choose the right parameters to track your performance. If getting more clicks becomes the sole objective of your signing up for an AdWords account, you are waiting to be shocked. This is an inadequate goal as it may not result in increase in conversions or sales. Thus you should set rate of conversion as your goal. Google offers tracking tools that will help you to determine the rate of conversion and whether they conform to your goals.
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    Don’t set your eye on becoming number one. There are people who still believe in the myth of ranking top in the AdWords leads to higher conversion. It is time for a reality check and set goals accordingly. Bidding higher just to occupy the top position is only vanity and may not affect your ROI positively. It is far more important to achieve a higher conversion rate which will eventually affect your profitability. So, learn the tips to bid lower and yet maximize the ratio between number of conversions and cost per each transaction. Again, a professional AdWords manager may guide you in the right direction so that you can increase the viability of your business in the long run.
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    Be sure to create an eye grabbing ad. An ad is meant to catch the fancy of the viewers and entice them to try a product or a service. If the ad you design fail to do so, there is no point in going for it and bidding a price and eventually wasting your precious time and money. So, first thing first, you should design an ad that will appeal to your targeted customer base. For this, you may need to consider the way Google places the ads in sets either at the top or on the side of websites. A catchy title is what you need to make people click on the ad.
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    Learn about the use of negative keywords. For achieving higher conversion rate, it is important that only genuinely interested viewers click on your ads. Google provides the option of negative keywords for filtering out search terms that do not fit your keyword match. For example, if you are selling training equipment for gyms, you may want to leave out people who want to buy exercise gear for domestic use and hence use “home” as a negative keyword.This will help in streamlining the search terms and only people interested in buying the apparatus you sell will land up in your website.
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    Learn about bidding and bidding for your own brand. So you think that you do not need to advertise for your own brand? You must realize that if you are not bidding for yourself, your competitors will get a mileage in the market in terms of targeting your customers and getting away with them.An AdWords expert would always recommend you to bet the highest amount on your own brand and be at the top for your visitors to find you.
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    Be sure you have a realistic approach- Not every business can benefit from AdWords, especially those with small budgets. So before jumping on the bandwagon you must take a stock of the situation and your budget and make a calculated move. Investing into AdWords and later on running out of money to continue with it will prove to be bad investment decision for your business. AdWords not only requires significant investment, it also demands you to be patient and stick to the campaigns to pick up the momentum.

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