How to Avoid Shoplifting

This is an article that will show you how to resist the temptation of shoplifting.


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    Make sure you are quiet. People who are managers of the store are always quiet when doing their job, so you should also be. Remember when you are quiet and not making noise or talking nobody can hear you say anything while you are in the store so it does not disrespect people.
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    Make sure not to take things out of the store without buying first. If someone suspects that you did not pay for the item or you are trying to steal, they will get mad and notify your parents, or the police. Remember the store staff and managers are usually on duty and can catch shoplifters very easily.
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    Be patient. if you have not paid for anything just yet then you must go quickly or someone will notice right away about what you are doing


  • Don't run very fast as the floor could get slippery and you might slip on the floor also you can crack your head if you slip too much or too fast on the floor.
  • Do not end up shoplifting as there is a punishment between that and your parents can end up getting called if they hear about it though they will not be happy and will just have to take you home and punish you by putting you in the time out corner remember don't make them do that to you and just listen to what they say before you do it.


  • Do not try to fool anyone by hiding your face or try to hide between stuff remember that if loss prevention is called and they see you trying to take stuff from the store they might pull the video and show it to other people to see remember they have got it all on tape and are not joking about it either.
  • Remember you may be watched on a security camera so be very careful otherwise someone will chase you down and stop you from running out of the store.
  • There is no need to come into a store and start taking things quietly without anyone knowing if someone finds out they will get you and attack you.
  • Do not come into the store and do it if you do there might be a punishment for your bad behavior and you will be reported so be careful about doing it.
  • Don't shoplift or let your parents find out doing it is a big crime and can cause you to lose your stuff including your computer time your toys taken away and your books gone.
  • It's a bad idea to go sneaking around the store when it's not open if you attempt to break in to the store the cops and managers may be alerted to it and will put you in jail and lock you up.
  • Do not cross the line where there might be anti security bars because if they make a noise that means you will be caught and might be kicked out of the store and have to spend the night in jail and don't be fooled if it happens remember the local authorities might get you and they are there to keep other people safe.
  • Don't take things without a manager or people who are operating as the store staff they might get alerted and tell the police about it later on.
  • If you are around a toy store or a library you might need to watch for cameras and local people there and be careful about making a sound because watch out if someone spots you there stealing they will call the cops no joke in each country it's forbidden to steal unless you have an id card and will have to pay don't make this decision hard on yourself and others.
  • Don't become a robber and bring toy guns that may sound threatening anybody suspected with a fake id and guns may be caught and placed in jail so beware a lot of these crimes happened in many states and some of the people committing them got caught.
  • Do not lie to your parents and the managers that work there otherwise you will spend jail time a long time there if you lie and don't do it anyway it just hurts people's feelings.
  • If you are at a local high school do what your teachers tell you to do and not steal even if you paid for the book and it says it's due tomorrow return it don't just wander around looking to not get caught because if the book is not returned your parents may be charged and will not be happy and remember don't steal without paying the book.

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