How to Avoid Making Makeup Mistakes

This article explores the ways that you can avoid making the most common errors while putting on makeup.


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    Choose the right foundation. The mistake often made is not using a liquid one. A liquid foundation looks more natural and is more easy to apply. Spread it evenly over your face and neck. To choose the colour, take it and apply some on your cheek. It leaves a trace? Not the one for you.
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    Don't use too much mascara. Never, ever put on too much. It looks unnatural and often makes lumps. Use brown that looks more natural or if you are dark-skinned use black.
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    Be careful with the eye-liner. To avoid missing the line, use a brown eyebrow crayon to draw a line then use the line to guide you into drawing a perfect line with your eye-liner. Grey or brown is recommended for pale skins and black for darker ones.
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    'Eye' the eye shadow color thoroughly. Choose a colour that complements your eye colour.
    • Brown eyes : Prefer golden, brownish, violet and khaki-colored eye shadows.
    • Blue Or Green eyes : Grey or pastel-colored eye shadows.
    • Grey eyes : Purples, silvers and peaches all look hot on grey eyes.
    • Black eyes : Any colour does. You can also choose your eye shadow colour by basing yourself on your skin tone.
    • If you have: Pale skin - any cool colors would work. Pinks, blues and lavender are all good choices.
    • Olive skin - try dark greens, purples, blues and bronzes.
    • Dark skin - try vibrant colors like turquoise and gold, avoid anything too light like white or pale pink.
    • Sallow skin - stay away from yellows or golds. Go with greens, purples and blues.
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    Avoid too much gloss. Another thing never to put too much on. You'll look like you're drooling if you do. Just use one drop, it's enough. If your eyes are heavily made up then prefer a light-colored gloss, if not then use a darker color. Gloss thickens your lips and is perfect for thin lips.
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    Put on blush properly. Blush can fatten your cheeks and make you look like a Russian doll.
    • If you have a round face, apply your blush going from your temple to your cheekbone and jawbone.
    • If you have a diamond or squared-shaped face apply it horizontally on your cheeks.
    • If you have a long face, spread the blush into a curve under your cheekbones.
    • If you've got good cheeks avoid applying the blush in round-shapes and in pink tones.

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